Back To School – 7th Grade


I have now finished my second week of school. It is a lot more different from 6th grade. Especially because this year we have 7 periods and last year we only had 5 periods and we still go to school the same time and end it at the same time. I go to the same school.  It’s a K-8 school with a magnet program through middle school. I’m in 7th grade and I’m on the soccer team. I play goal keeper and midfield for a substitute.

My favorite teacher is my civics teacher and my favorite subject is math for now. My teacher for math gives me a lot of homework and it is getting harder so I don’t know if I will like math after this year as much as I liked last year. My math teacher likes to give homework and makes us take lots of notes in class. I’m looking forward to civics and space science. My same science teacher last year for 6th moved up to 7th grade. I’m am also planning to join back in chorus, maybe tryout for basketball and join track again.

Back to school - 7th grade.

Back to school – 7th grade.


Why home work is good and bad


I don’t like homework(HW). The reasons are because it takes up most of my time. I can’t do what I want to do. If I want to play outside I have to come in early to do homework. In 6th grade we get more “projects” then homework. The reason I said “homework” is because it is not a project but it is homework due on further dates.what is the point of homework too. You are just going over information you already know. But next year I heard I’m going to get 50 plus problems everyday for math. So I’m very excited for next year. NOT!

The only good things about homework is that it can raise your grade just a little. Sometimes it can be fun with friends and work together to communicate better. I. Have a lot of homework/projects due different days and it is confusing what I have to remember everyday when it is due so I won’t forget to bring it.

I am just glad that school is closing. But it is not over yet. I still have to take EOC and the FSA test which are the final exam tests for the year in Florida. All I know what I’m doing this summer is that I’m going to a one camp so far and, I’m going back to Marco Island. I am so excited.

My first year on the soccer team


I have started playing soccer for my school. I was really bad when I started then I got so much better. But I was happy I made the team in the first place because tryouts were hard!

We just played our last game, and we won 4 to 3 in penalty kicks. We scored a goal in the first five minutes of the game. Then we kept it up till the last two minutes. Then they scored a goal. Then we went to overtime. No one scored. Then we went to shoot outs. We had the shot first and we made it. We were all happy that first time. Then they got a goal. Then we missed then they missed. After we made and they missed. Then we made it again then they made it. Then all of it led up to this goal. This person named Santana shot the ball going into the goal and we started running off the field. We were all so happy.  Our coach told us before the game if we win this game we can go to Golden Corral.

Our school is not very good at sports but we are the best at education. So that’s we were happy cause it was our first win (in the season). Union park (who we were going against) never won a game either this season. Also I knew someone on their team. His name is Edwin, he was at my school last year. Even though we won one game I still got better and had a great time. Now volleyball!!!


Arbor Ridge soccer

Arbor Ridge Soccer team after their first big win!

Goodbye 5th Grade!


At the beginning of the year I was kinda scared of all the work I thought 5th grade would bring. But actually I didn’t have that much work.

I had awesome teachers. My reading teacher was Ms.Franklin she likes Disney. My math teacher was Mr.Anderson he likes super hero’s. My science/social studies teacher was Mrs.Pettingill she likes chocolate and coffee.

My favorite part of the year was our Sea World field trip. The park wasn’t busy and we got to ride all of the roller-coasters.

I think it was the 3rd last day of school there was an Awards Ceremony. I got seven different awards. I got an award for leadership, PE, a behavior award, citizenship, safety patrol, music, and math. The 2nd to last day of school was my play. It was Annie. I was a servant and it was really fun. The last day of school was really awesome. There was music, games, and food. But it is kinda sad because I knew some 8th graders and now they are leaving. But all in the end it was fun.

My weekly routine


Monday I wake up watch tv right when I wake up. Then my dad tells me to get dressed so I get dressed. I get dressed then eat. I eat something quick like donuts.  Then I brush my teeth and get ready for school. I go to school after I go to chorus and then my run club. Then I go to bed.

Tuesday I do the same thing but I don’t go to chorus or running.

Wednesday I go to school then go to running or football. In my Run Club, we first run across fields to the opposite end. Then we stretch, then run back. Then we do a activity like kick ball. After we run the track. We run 1600m, 800m, 400m, 200m and some times  100m. I like to run 400m and 100m.

Thursday I go to chorus.  We are working on the play, Annie. We first do warm ups. Then we do sight reading. After we sing the songs for the play. The play is also on the second to last day of school. It goes to 3-4 pm (chorus).

Friday I go to school. After school I go to football. I do football then eat diner. Then we go to bed and I start to ready for football a little.

Saturday I go to my football game.  My latest one, we won 30-14. I made 2 touch downs. After go home and my brother goes to baseball. So then I play my games then go to bed.

Sunday we really just stay at home a chill at the end of the day I get ready to go to school and do my blog. That’s what I do for my weekly routine.

Brendan playing football.

Brendan playing football.

Another weekend of running


I got the part to the school holiday play. I am the toy soldier. The play is not at our school because we would have to do it 8 times because my school got smaller after got rebuilt. So we are going to do the play at University High school. I am really excited for that. I have to wear camouflage and my friend is the other toy soldier.

Also for Halloween I am going to be Slender Man he is a guy with no face and he is really tall and he is from a game on the computer it is just called slender man. We are going to at my friends house. We also are now dog sitting for Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Joe. Wrigley is the dog and he is going to be a rufferee for Halloween. My brother is going to be an ender man he teleports and it’s from minecraft.

Getting ready for Halloween with a dog!

Getting ready for Halloween with a dog!

And on Sunday I ran 2 miles it took me 17:40 to finish and my best mile is 9:30 so I beat that time. It was at UCF. I saw some people at my school there and some I am friends with at running club.

Mile one mark at the UCF 2-mile race.

Crossing the finish line at the UCF 2-mile race.
Crossing the finish line at the UCF 2-mile race.