Spartan Football Camp


I just got back from a trip to Michigan to go to football camp at Michigan State.  The crazy thing was we just got back from Marco Island and went to a going away party for a friend. The next morning I had to wake up at 5:30 to get on a plane. On this trip it was only my dad and I. We got ready and we took off. We were going on Delta and they had free wifi and you could have watched movies and on their app. I watched Alexander and His Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Day and some of the Maze Runner.

When we arrived we got the rental car and we drove off to go eat at a coney island. It was my first actual coney dog. I liked it and I want to try another one again. After lunch we head over to my dad’s friends house which is a little less than 10 minutes away from the Spartan Stadium.

The first day of camp was long but really cool. There are different NFL teams where you are organized. I was in the Titans which I wasn’t excited about but it didn’t really matter. Each team had a coach and the coaches were players from the Michigan State football team. My coach was Brandon Clemons. He is a defensive tight and he weighs 305lbs.

The first day we stretched and the coaches introduced themselves. I also to took a picture with MSU Football Coach Mark Dantonio and the cotton bowl trophy. The first big activity was the offensive drills. Offensive drills includes QBs, WRs, and offensive line drills. After a break then there were Defensive drills its positions as LB, Defensive line and stuff like that. Then we had lunch and for lunch we had a wrap with cheese and ham, a cookie, chips. Then we went into the indoor practice field and did more drills. We also saw a video for MSU. Then we had dinner and we had chicken tenders. Then we played a razzle dazzle game. Razzle dazzle is like football but it is one hand touched and you can through the ball anywhere even if you are past the line of scrimmage. But the risk is  it still can get intercepted and incomplete. We played 2 games and we tied one and lost one. The scores were 14-14 and 21-14. In total I scored 2 touchdowns and had 4 interceptions. Then we packed up and left.

The second day was shorter but even better. We did the same thing as day one but for lunch was pizza and after lunch we went in the Spartan Stadium. We did a razzle dazzle game in their and we tied 14-14 and I got 2 touchdowns one was a pick six. I also got to go in the press box and watch other kids play razzle dazzle. After everything I got my jersey signed by most of the players that were their. Later that day we went to a tigers game and they lost 5-3 against the Reds.

The next day we went to the Ford tour at motor city and it was cool but I wouldn’t want to go everyday. At 7pm the plane took off and we came back home. When I get older I want to go back and stay at a dorm. So I want to go next year.


Halloween as Connor Cook


I had an awesome time trick-or-treating. This year, I dressed up like Connor Cook. He is the Michigan State football quarterback. My friend was trying to be a character from destiny. Destiny is a video game that is like halo but more advanced. My mom posted a picture of me on Instagram and Twitter and Connor Cook liked the photo on Instagram and favorited it on twitter.

I got loads of candy. It started slow then I got faster.  I got about 11 butter fingers. I don’t like butter fingers. I like crunch, Reese’s, and kit cats. I like more but those are my top 3. I got a king size twix and 2 large packs of Reese’s. I loved Halloween this year because it was a different neighborhood and someone even recognized me as Connor Cook! One person said my friends looks scary then she says I look cute. The my friend’s mom told me everyone likes my costume and I said I didn’t look cool they say I look cute. Which is weird cause I don’t know who they are.

After Halloween I stayed at my friends house. We sorted our candy and we stayed up to 2:00 am playing PS4. It was fun. Then we woke at 10:00 am.IMG_4133 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4138 IMG_4140

My favorite football team: Michigan State


Michigan State (MSU) has been decent this season so far. First we went against Jacksonville State and we won 45-7. In the first quarter we had 21 points. In the 2nd quarter we had 17. In the 3rd we only reached one touch down and Jacksonville reached 1 touchdown. Finally in the 4th no one got a touchdown.

Then we went against Oregon and we had a tough loss 46-27. In the first half we got 24 and Oregon got 18. In the second half MSU got 3 and Oregon got 28 points. People said before the game it would be like the rose bowl.

Then we went against Eastern Michigan and we won 73-14. In the first quarter we got 28. In the second quarter we got 21. In the third MSU got 10 and EMU got 7. In the final quarter we got 14 and EMU reached another 7 points. That was a record game for Michigan State.

We just went against Wyoming. In the first half we got 41 points and they got 14. In the second half we got 14 and they got 0.

The next game we had a tougher game. It was against Nebraska. In the first quarter we got 7. In the second quarter we got 10. Leaving Nebraska to 0. But in the second half we didn’t do so good. We got 10 more points and they got 22. It was scary but we still won 27 to 22.

When I grow up I hope to be playing on Michigan State. I would want to be a HB or WR.

Sparty in Orlando

Happy New Year!


So on New Year’s Eve we went to my cousins house.  We had lots of good Chinese food and pizza and played games.

Chinese food!

Starting 2014 with Chinese food!

Once it got dark, we did sparklers. We tried to write our names with the sparklers and tried to take some pictures.  I even photo-bombed a photo. Then we watched tv for the New Year countdown. Then I fell asleep at my cousins house.20140116-083133.jpg

Once I went home New Year’s Day I stopped home then we got dressed for a Michigan State party for a Rose Bowl football party. We watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had boneless BBQ wings for diner.  It was a long game and I didn’t think we were going to win at one point.  But we did win and we took pictures and celebrated. The reason I cheer for Michigan State is because my mom and dad went there for college. So I started to like them. Now I want to go Michigan state.20140116-083206.jpg

Then we went home and fell asleep. Thursday and Friday we chilled at my house and played video games. Friday night I was invited to a sleep over with friends from school. We played video games, talked, and watched tv. Saturday I went home and then I fell asleep because I got zero sleep at the sleepover.  After I just stayed in my bed. Sunday I just stayed at home and got ready for school.


Summer Vacation – Visiting Michigan State!


Before I went to Michigan I saw my great grandma and cousins. We played soccer and baseball. The oldest was a boy named Liam and he had two little sisters. And there were two babies.

Michigan counsins

This is me and a bunch of cousins in Michigan.

Gigi with all the Michigan cousins.

Gigi with all the Michigan cousins.

Then next day we went to Michigan State and we looked around stores and I bought a cool hat. And we took a picture with a statue of Sparty.  He is the mascot. We also saw the football field, basketball, and hockey.

  Roadtrip-MSU-BoysSparty Roadtrip-MSU-BoysStadium2


The next day we went on a picnic for my moms and dads reunion for college. All there friends were over there and I played croquet for the first time. I also had some friends there. There names were Luke,David,and Kyler. We also played kick ball. I was playing corn hole and we were playing till ten and it was 7 to 5 then I got the points to win!

Playing croquet.

Playing croquet.

After I had a sleep over. We watched a movie called Here Comes the Boom.  It’s all about wrestling. Then we went to sleep. Then we woke up and started driving. We went through Ohio,Kentucky,Tennessee and slept there then we derived through,Georgia and finally Florida. I liked that vacation.

Sleeping in the car with my new Michigan State blanket.

Sleeping in the car with my new Michigan State blanket.