Back To School – 7th Grade


I have now finished my second week of school. It is a lot more different from 6th grade. Especially because this year we have 7 periods and last year we only had 5 periods and we still go to school the same time and end it at the same time. I go to the same school.  It’s a K-8 school with a magnet program through middle school. I’m in 7th grade and I’m on the soccer team. I play goal keeper and midfield for a substitute.

My favorite teacher is my civics teacher and my favorite subject is math for now. My teacher for math gives me a lot of homework and it is getting harder so I don’t know if I will like math after this year as much as I liked last year. My math teacher likes to give homework and makes us take lots of notes in class. I’m looking forward to civics and space science. My same science teacher last year for 6th moved up to 7th grade. I’m am also planning to join back in chorus, maybe tryout for basketball and join track again.

Back to school - 7th grade.

Back to school – 7th grade.


Starting 6th grade!


FirstDayOfSchoolI’m now in 6th grade. But it is a harder then 5th by far. We have about 1 hour of homework everyday. But it is fun to do stuff at school except work. First class of the day is life science. My teacher’s name is Mrs.M. We are learning about bacteria right now. Then I go to world history and do work. We are learning about the elements of geography. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Bailey. Then I go to math her name is Mrs.Vincent. We are comparing and converting decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers. Then I go to PE and we are playing volleyball right now. His name is Coach Wofford. Then I go to lunch. Finally I go to language arts and my teacher’s name is Ms.Vaughn. We are having a vocabulary test Wednesday. I have already got my progress report and I got 3 A’s and 2 B’s. After school I have soccer practice for my school. When I’m done I go home, do my homework.  It’s fun to see my friends and make some new friends.  Since I got to a magnet school, people from outside our neighborhood can come, and there are a lot of new faces.