A night at Universal’s Islands of Adventure


Last weekend I went to Universal. First we went on Spider-Man. Second we went on Jurassic park the boat ride. I liked the big drop and the dinosaurs. Third we went on the Harry Potter ride. Then we went to the other Harry Potter ride for littler kids with my little brother. That’s his favorite ride at Universal.

After that we went on Dragon Challenge other wise none as dulling dragons.  After that we went to the Hułk. That’s my favorite roller coaster at Universal. Then we looked for ice cream and we couldn’t find it so we went to McDonalds.

Overall, I like Disney better because it has more rides, it has hotels and it’s so much bigger. But Universal has better and more roller coasters. Also Disney is more fun for me cause I know where every thing is and know what it is.

Us with the Minions at Universal Orlando.

Us with the Minions at Universal Orlando.