Halloween as Connor Cook


I had an awesome time trick-or-treating. This year, I dressed up like Connor Cook. He is the Michigan State football quarterback. My friend was trying to be a character from destiny. Destiny is a video game that is like halo but more advanced. My mom posted a picture of me on Instagram and Twitter and Connor Cook liked the photo on Instagram and favorited it on twitter.

I got loads of candy. It started slow then I got faster.  I got about 11 butter fingers. I don’t like butter fingers. I like crunch, Reese’s, and kit cats. I like more but those are my top 3. I got a king size twix and 2 large packs of Reese’s. I loved Halloween this year because it was a different neighborhood and someone even recognized me as Connor Cook! One person said my friends looks scary then she says I look cute. The my friend’s mom told me everyone likes my costume and I said I didn’t look cool they say I look cute. Which is weird cause I don’t know who they are.

After Halloween I stayed at my friends house. We sorted our candy and we stayed up to 2:00 am playing PS4. It was fun. Then we woke at 10:00 am.IMG_4133 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4138 IMG_4140


Halloween – October 2013


On Thursday I was slender man for Halloween.

Brendan as Slender Man.

Me as Slender Man.

We went to friends house.  He had lots of friends over.  We played catch and ate pizza.  Then we went tick or treating we went me, my friend, and some others friends. Someone was Patrick from Spongebob.  Another person was a baseball player.  We went off and we got lots of candy.  Afterwards, we traded the candy.  My favorite candy is Nestle Crunch.  So I got like ten.  I actually ate 0 candy that entire night!  After we went to my grandparents to say hi, which is what we do every year.

Spartan Pumpkin

We carved a Michigan State pumpkin.

Friday I had football practice. I have been on this team before. I am a wider receiver. Whenever I catch ball, I seem to fall and roll with the ball.  I don’t know why.   We don’t even have a team name yet this season.

For Halloween we carved a pumpkin I picked the pumpkin and the design and my Dad carved it. He made a Spartan head for Michigan State. I really liked it. We put it up by the house when people come over to get candy from the bowl.

Picking out a pumpkin.

Picking out a pumpkin.

Another weekend of running


I got the part to the school holiday play. I am the toy soldier. The play is not at our school because we would have to do it 8 times because my school got smaller after got rebuilt. So we are going to do the play at University High school. I am really excited for that. I have to wear camouflage and my friend is the other toy soldier.

Also for Halloween I am going to be Slender Man he is a guy with no face and he is really tall and he is from a game on the computer it is just called slender man. We are going to at my friends house. We also are now dog sitting for Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Joe. Wrigley is the dog and he is going to be a rufferee for Halloween. My brother is going to be an ender man he teleports and it’s from minecraft.

Getting ready for Halloween with a dog!

Getting ready for Halloween with a dog!

And on Sunday I ran 2 miles it took me 17:40 to finish and my best mile is 9:30 so I beat that time. It was at UCF. I saw some people at my school there and some I am friends with at running club.

Mile one mark at the UCF 2-mile race.

Crossing the finish line at the UCF 2-mile race.
Crossing the finish line at the UCF 2-mile race.