My dad is the best because…


For Father’s Day we went to Marco island.  We went fishing and swimming.

And this week we will be going deep sea fishing. I like when we go deep sea fishing.  In the past, my dad caught a shark (lemon shark).  I always look forward to do it because its time me and my dad to have fun.

My dad cooks for me, buys me stuff, and has fun with me all the time. He is the best dad ever.  His favorite thing is hanging around with my family.  I like when we go fishing, when we go to the movies, when we go to amusement parks, hotels and restaurants.

He also likes to take me camping.  When we go camping he does a lot!  He makes food, sets up the tent. He does everything. He makes Doritos tacos. You crumble up Doritos and put ground beef in there. Then put any toppings in there.  That’s why he’s the best

My dad fishing with my brother and me.

My dad fishing with my brother and me.


It’s all about Minecraft


**This is another post from my 9-year-old son, Brendan. I’ve given him the option of blogging once/week or reading 40 minutes on the weekends. Since he hates reading, he’s choosing to write. Which I love….I hope you do to. Much like his last blog, I have done NO EDITING!!! Please comment below – he loves to read the comments.***


By Brendan Cook

The reason everyone likes Minecraft is because there’s so much adventure in it. There are so many monsters in it too. There are creepers that blow up, skeletons that shoot arrows, spiders that jump on trees and have to touch you to die, and zombies have to touch you to die.

And there are a bunch of ways to kill these monsters, with swords or pick axes or axes and shovels. But swords are mostly for killing. And pick axes are for mining, and shovels are for mining dirt, gravel and sand. Axes are for cutting wood, and hoes are made for planting. And your trying to survive with these things.

Your trying to kill monsters to make materials. Like gunpowder from creepers. Bones from skeletons also arrows. String from spiders. Feathers from zombies. And if you have have low hearts you could kill animals. And eat the food.

And it is really fun when you have something to do.
Not really fun with out doing something.