A fun weekend with running and bacon


On Wednesday we had auditions for the school holiday play. I tried out for a toy soldier. On Friday we got the results to go to the final auditions. I looked on the sheet and I made it. The final auditions are on Monday.

Then later that day we went to get a dog to dog sit. His name is Wrigley. He is so cute. The real parents are Mrs. Amanda and Mr.Joe. We brought him to are Nana and Papa’s house. He had fun with the other dogs there. We went to the park and we played catch.

The next day I went on a race at Disney. I did the mile run. I stopped a couple times because I had a cramp in my stomach. 20131006-185023.jpgI got a medal. It has Pluto on it. I liked the track because you ran on a baseball field. I also liked they played music while we run. I would do it again. And I think there should be more characters while run cheering us on. 20131006-185033.jpg Then went to Bacon festival. We ate bacon and played and then ate more bacon. I liked the regular bacon the best – just plain bacon they gave us.20131006-185045.jpg

After that day we went home and we did stuff around the house then I went to a friends house.



A weekend at the beach


We went to the beach in Tampa so we swam in the gulf.  We went there because it was my moms friend’s birthday, her name is Jackie, we call her Aunt Jackie.

The place was called the Holiday Inn in Indian Rocks Beach. When we first got there we went to the room and unpacked. There was a golf course in the middle in the of the walkway of the rooms.

Holiday Inn - Indian Rocks Beach

Mini golf in the middle of our hotel!

And the rooms are just regular rooms that you you would get at other hotels. After we went to the pool and it has a side that is a splash zone and a pool to swim in. It is a good pool. Then we went to the beach and we collect shells, swam, and me and my brother went on a paddle board for a little. The last day we ate at a place called Slyce. It is a pizza place. For breakfast I had a pizza with ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese. And with a side of bread knots with sausage gravy on top.

Breakfast pizza from Slyce.

Breakfast pizza from Slyce.

After we ate we went to pack up. Next we went to the pool one last time. And we did the same thing at the pool. Like throw a a ball around and swam. Then it was time to leave.  It was a fun weekend.

Indian Rocks Beach.

Indian Rocks Beach.


Summer Vacation – Chicago and more!


I went to Chicago for a week then we are going to Ohio and then Michigan.

We drove there and it took two days. We drove in Georgia then we slept in Atlanta. When we learned about hogzilla he is a pig and a hog in one and he was 10 feet long.  You should look it up, it’s a thing. Then we went thru Tennessee and saw big hills. After that, Kentucky. Then Indiana. Finally we went in to Illinois. We stayed at a apartment with my mom’s friend.

The next day we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I took lots of pictures. Once when I was little, a gorilla scared me.   This time,  this big monkey started beating his stomach and kicked the glass right at me and then went in tree to pee.  And there was a big fight one monkey was screaming and hurt ing every monkey. After we went to the beach and swam in the waves.

Then we went to a bacon restaurant and I made a new motto, “No bacon left behind.”  My favorite was a soft good bacon. I also liked the bacon bomb it was bacon, sausage deep fried. After we went to a carnival in Northbrook I wanted to ride the zipper but it was not there. But I liked the gravitron. I liked it because  could go up side down. The next day we went to breakfast and I ate a donut but it had a s’mores flavor. Then we went to the beach and I got sun burn. After we went back and we watched 42 and I really liked it. After that day we walked in the city and looked at the rocks. And then we went to a family members house and ate dinner there. Then the next day we had to leave and we are going to Ohio to go Cedar Point. And in Indiana we went on the dunes and we went up and down on them it was pretty fun. And at the hotel there is water park. And I can’t wait for Cedar Point.

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My dad is the best because…


For Father’s Day we went to Marco island.  We went fishing and swimming.

And this week we will be going deep sea fishing. I like when we go deep sea fishing.  In the past, my dad caught a shark (lemon shark).  I always look forward to do it because its time me and my dad to have fun.

My dad cooks for me, buys me stuff, and has fun with me all the time. He is the best dad ever.  His favorite thing is hanging around with my family.  I like when we go fishing, when we go to the movies, when we go to amusement parks, hotels and restaurants.

He also likes to take me camping.  When we go camping he does a lot!  He makes food, sets up the tent. He does everything. He makes Doritos tacos. You crumble up Doritos and put ground beef in there. Then put any toppings in there.  That’s why he’s the best

My dad fishing with my brother and me.

My dad fishing with my brother and me.

Pop Rocks and Soda – Science Fair Project


I did a science project for school. It was about pop rocks and soda. I put pop rocks in a balloon and then, dump them in the soda. Then you watch it.

I asked would pop rocks and drinking soda explode your stomach.  The answer is won’t explode your stomach, but it will make you burp a lot.

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Fair Project.  More at http://dangercook.com

Science Project: Will eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda make your stomach explode?

I used Mountain Dew, Fanta, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite and Dr. Pepper.

Once we dumped the Pop Rocks into the soda, it started making lots of fizzling noises.  I saw that darker colors would fizzle more.  And I thought which the one with most sugar would blow off.

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Fair Project.  More at http://dangercook.com

Pop Rocks and soda experiment.

But none of them blew off. Pepsi had the most gas. And my cat wanted to do science.  Trooper wouldn’t leave the experiment alone, and he is showing up in the back of lots of pictures in my science project.  I wonder if anyone at school will notice.

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Fair Project.  More at http://dangercook.com

Science and Pop Rocks!

I did the project because it sounded awesome and I like pop rocks. They tickle in your mouth and  hurt a little in your mouth.
And here’s a video of me doing the project….and you’ll see my cat Trooper showing up.

Olympic Themed Birthday Party


The Olympic-themed birthday party was a big success! So much fun – we are planning one for the Winter Olympics – which happens to be on my other son’s birthday in 2014!

Here’s a look at some of the food and events we held for the party. The weather was a bit hot – so we decided to cancel some of the events so the kids could just jump in the pool. We had to be flexible with so many kids and such hot temperatures. But everyone had a great time and had nothing but amazing things to say about the whole theme.

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As you can see, we had a lot of food and a lot of fun!

We had the kids each make their own Olympic flag.  We used the sewing machine to sew up end with enough room for a stick, bought white bandanas and sharpie markers, drew the Olympic rings on each flag and let the kids decorate the rest.

Once those were done, we had them line up and did a Parade of Nations, complete with music and introductions.

After that, game one!

We hosted a Javelin throw – with pool noodles.  They used their flags to mark distance.

We then had an obstacle course around the pool area with fun activities.

We had many poor events planned – like pool noodle swimming, duck hunt with rubber pool duckies and more.  But as mentioned- it was just too hot so open swim!

Then, everyone got their own medal!

Conor displays his medal!