Crazy month even though it’s not done yet


On Thursday me and my class went for a field trip to the History Center in downtown Orlando.  We first walked around and saw stuff in history. Like what they used and how they survived. Then there was a guy who taught us what is was like to live in the older days as kinda like a slave. Then we went to a courtroom and a skit about the trial of the big bad wolf.  I was a little pig and we found the big bad wolf guilty.

Friday after school I went to chorus practice.  But since our stage is too small, our play will be at a different school and we got to see the stage for the first time. We went there and I got scared for a second, it is really big. So we set up there and we had to get used to things.

On Saturday I went to my football game and we tied against an undefeated team even in overtime. I got really mad about some calls from the referees. Then we went to Mrs. Amanda’s baby shower.  She is my mom’s friend. Me and brother helped and played. Then we watch the Michigan State game at my Nana and Papa’s house. Before the game ended I went  to sleep, then I got the news in the morning that we won.

Saturday we went swimming, even though in other states it’s snowing!!  We stayed around doing nothing then we went home and got ready for school.

P.S. Never ride a scooter with no shoes and push the brakes on the back tires to make it stop. (With no shoes) It feels like sparks coming out of your feet.


4th Grade Field Trip – St. Augustine


I went to St.Augustine on my field trip.   We got to go the hospital that I hated.  It was so disgusting.  But I’m not going to talk about it.  We went to the Colonial Quarter.  Also the fort and a tram ride around the city.

When we got to the Colonial Quarter we got to see a little house.  And we got to practice shooting a gun in a army line.  That was really fun.  We got to see what the stuff that people used back then.  Like kitchen stuff, and to see what they used to go to the shower.  They used a big bowl.

In the fort we got to see a canon demonstration.  The sound was loud.  Every one was scared.  There was a little room with beds and the beds were filled with hay.

And the tram ride was my favorite.  We went to Flagler College where they had a cool spiky ball fence.  They were used a long time ago if pirates tried to come on to land, the chain with the balls would line the shore and the balls would break the ship and the ship would sink.When we were on the tram we also saw a canon ball stuck in the wall to.Also we saw a statue of Ponce De Leon,he is 4 foot 11.[Small]

And I’m not going to talk about the hospital.

And for the rest the rest was FFFUUUNN!!!


This is a cannon ball stuck in the wall.


This is my class practicing shooting at the Colonial Quarter.


This is me with the spike balls in front of Flagler College.


This is me with my class with the guy who shot the cannon.


in the background you can see the statue of Ponce De Leon. That statue is actual life size and he is SHORT!