A Disney weekend


We have been really busy lately.  Last weekend,  I had football practice on a Friday and then we went to Disney at a resort. We went to Port Orleans French quarters. First we got in the hotel then unpacked then we went to a place to eat diner. I ate a kids pizza and a dessert. After we ate we went in a store to get anything we need like snacks so we got donuts for breakfast we went back in the room ,and then fell asleep. The next day we went to the park we played there for a while then went to the arcade. After we went to a place to go to one of my mom’s friends hotel. Her hotel is the animal kingdom lodge so we went to the pool and played games and I won a ball at a hula hoop contest. Then we went back and had a walk. Then we fell asleep. The last day at Disney for the week  we went to the pool and the park. After we went back home and got ready for school.

The next week we went to Disney again and met with different friends that my mom knows. We went to there resort. They where staying at the beach club. We with them with other friends too. First we had to get passed all the runners in the Marathon and we almost ran over one then she screamed it was funny. Then we went to a place to eat and we played with other kids there so we play catch then volley ball after we went to the arcade. We played games. We are saving points on the card to get a big prize. Then after we went home and go to school again. 😦

Port Orleans Pool

Port Orleans Pool

Disney Marathon

Disney Marathon

Mickey Waffle

Mickey Waffle



Disney Animal Kingdom Camp – Day 2


First we went to Fort Wilderness and went on a pontoon boat. We were looking for animals that were on a sign that we got. I was supposed to find an otter but we did not see any, we only saw birds. Then we ate lunch. for lunch I had a chicken sandwich but i did not eat it i just ate two cookies. It also rained but it did not bother us. I also made a new friend and his name is Kaleb.

After lunch we went to Epcot to look at fish. I saw manatees and dolphins and more. I got to see back stage it was cool. We also went on Nemo. I like Nemo but it is not my favorite. Then we went back and ate snacks. After the snack we went home. It was a really fun day and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Apple Camp, XBox and Baseball!


There are three things I wanted to blog about this week.

First I had to go to Apple camp at the mall. We learned how to make a movie using an iPad.  We used iMovie and GarageBand to make the movie. I worked with my cousins and my brother. I think our video was pretty good.

Making a movie at Apple Camp.

Making a movie at Apple Camp.

An Apple genius in the making.

An Apple genius in the making.


Second I got a  Xbox 360 for my early birthday present. My birthday is on the 28th. I only got one game so far, Minecraft, but I’m going to get more games. I love playing it thought.  I always wanted a Xbox since about the beginning of the year.  I can’t wait for my friends to come over and play.

Third I went to a  Daytona Cubs game Sunday.  And it just rained and it got cancelled, but we still had fun.  It was me, my cousins, my friend, and my Grandma and Grandpa. We just played and walked around. It was fun and boring. I liked it when me and my friends just played catch with everyone. I did not like it because there was no game.

Boys are ready for some baseball.

Boys are ready for some baseball.

Top 5 favorite You Tube videos


I love YouTube. I spent lots of time looking at funny videos.

Here are my top five picks for YouTube videos.

1.  Goat Songs

I like the goat song because there funny and makes fun of songs I don’t like. The songs they make fun of are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and stuff like that.

2.  How Animals Eat Food

I like these videos because it’s funny and they do so many great animals like sharks, flamingos, and more.  Also the other guy in the video who watches him doesn’t laugh.  That is funny.

3.  Minecraft Videos

I really like to play minecraft and watch others play.  It’s fun to learn about different modes that are funny and cool like TNT, Star Wars and more.

4.  Music Videos – Thrift Shop

I really like this song, even though this one is NOT the clean version.  The video is really funny.

5.  The Harlem Shake

We did our own version.  I think it’s cool that I’m on YouTube.

Movies – I love movies!


I love movies!

My favorite movies are Avengers, James Bond movies like Skyfall and Star Wars.  And the ones I don’t like are princess movies, Momma Mia and Justin Bieber. Movies I want to watch are Iron Man 3 , 42, Lone Ranger and Man of Steel.

I like Avengers because it has lots of action.I like Hulk, Captain America and Hawkeye.  I like the part when the big battle happens.

Skyfall also has lots of action.  I like the part when they turn the house in the a war house.

I like Star Wars because it has action and violence. I like Luke because he changed a lot in the movies and he is a action guy.

I didn’t watch the Justin Bieber movie but I know I will hate it.  Justin Bieber also sings like a girl.  Momma Mia is annoying and princesses are sometimes girly because there is no action, too much kissing and no adventure.


Skyfall is one of my favorite movies.

Music – what I’m listening to…


I love to listen to music.

My favorite artists are Macklemore and Maroon 5. I like Macklemore because he his a really good rapper. (Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us)

I like Maroon 5 because Adam is really funny and he is good at singing. (Lucky strike, Daylight , and One More Night). I also like watching Adam on The Voice. He’s pretty funny.

I also like Fall Out Boys, Psy, Usher but not Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, LMFAO, Sir-Mix-Alout, Neon Trees, Black Eyed Peas and Taio Cruz. And all these artists are on spotify on my play list. Spotify is an app for playing music.

I don’t like Justin Bieber ,Taylor Swift , and more that I don’t remember. I don’t Iike Justin Bieber because He sings like a girl. And he is weird. I don’t like Taylor Swift because she is annoying.


What I’m watching on TV


Two of my favorite TV channels are Disney an Cartoon Network.

My top 3 shows on Disney are Good luck Charlie, Jessie, and Gravity falls.
My first favorite is Good Luck Charlie.  The family is fun and reminds me of my family – with less kids.

My top 3 shows on Cartoon Network are, Regular show, Adventure Time, and Incredible Crew.

My first favorite is Regular Show

Good luck Charlie is my favorite because it is funny to me.

My least favorite shows are Shake It Up,and Disney jr. shows.

I don’t like it because it is kinda getting old.

They are my least favorite because,the shows are annoying and old and stupid.

Good Luck Charlie!

Good Luck Charlie!