Hamilton in Chicago


Hamilton is an American Broadway musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter. The musical is about the American Revolution, politics, and the life of Alexander Hamilton. They originally presented the show in New York but they now show it in Chicago and soon London.

I took a trip to Chicago to go see the musical. I was with both my aunts and my mom. The show was in the city and there were a lot of people there. It was in a nice stage and theater. Before the performance I got a “just like my country I am young scrappy and hungry” shirt.”

My favorite part of the show the song “The Reynolds Pamphlet” because the king was in the song and was dancing which was unexpected. My favorite actor was the man who played Aaron Burr because he had lots of emotion into his lines. I hope to maybe see Hamilton again in a different city or in Chicago again.


Chicago Family Trip 2016


Our first family trip of summer in 2016 is in Illinois. We stated in a suburb of Chicago which was Arlington Heights. We saw family from all over the state from my mom’s side. When we had a small family reunion some of the family went fishing. But we didn’t catch anything. It was nice to see everyone again.

In Arlington Heights we went to two different pools. They both had diving boards which we don’t have in Florida.  One had a high dive which was scary when you looked off the edge but it was fun jumping off. But this pool had more people then the other pool. The pool closest to where we’re saying had two regular diving boards and a water slide which end 5ft above the water. The water was 12ft deep and I jumped of the diving the board and touched the ground.

We also visited a little of down town and we went to a new museum and it was the history of TV and I would say it would be go to check it out once but I wouldn’t go back until a long time. We also visited Maggie Daily Park which is a large park pin the city and I would recommend going one day.

We went to three different beaches all on Lake Michigan, which is my favorite lake. My favorite beach we went to was Gillson Beach, I liked the most because it had large swimming areas, a decent amount of people, and no rocks. The other breaches we went to were Glencoe beach and Illinois beach state park. The state had rough waves good for surfing or skim boarding but not for swimming.

I had fun seeing some family again and getting out of the house. As a family we are driving back to Florida from Illinois and collecting all the Pokemon. #TeamBlue

Summer Vacation Adventure


This summer our really big vacation to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Tennessee. My mom, my brother and I went on a plane. My dad drove up so we don’t have to bring luggage every where and renting a car and dropping it off in a different state is expensive. I don’t like Southwest Airlines because there are no assigned seats. My mom was stressing that we will not find three seats together, but we did.

When we landed we traveled around the city of Chicago and we visited the Bean and Buckingham Fountain. I always like visiting the Bean and it was my first time visiting the Buckingham Fountain. For dinner we had Hackneys. This is where we met up with my dad and we all split a onion loaf. I had a burger and I ate a couple bites of a patty melt. That was my first time eating a patty melt it was really good.

After lunch we drove over to my aunts in the suburbs of Chicago, Arlington Heights. We saw their dog and my new cousin. My new cousin, Robin, is a girl and the first one on my mom’s side of the family. For dinner we had pizza. We had deep dish and flat bread pizza. I really liked it.

When we left Chicago, we went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Here we stayed at this old house with these weird rooms and only one bathroom. When we went to Wisconsin my family and I came with my cousins, the Duncans, and my uncle Katie, Jimmy, baby Robin and their dog, Penny.  The house was an upstairs and down stairs but the upstairs wouldn’t connect to the downstairs. My aunt and uncle with the dog slept downstairs and the rest of us went upstairs. Upstairs there was only one bathroom for eight people. Some rooms were weird like there was a door camouflaging and a room behind the front door and another one above the kitchen. My cousins and I learned how to play blackjack. The next day we were spending the day on the lake. We have a private dock where we fished and swam.  On the boat we went tubing. It was really wavy and chopped so there were a lot of bumps.  But it was awesome!

Here’s a video my mom made of all the tubing fun!

After we packed we hung out at my aunt’s house again and then packed up the next day we went to Michigan to play on the dunes. We rented a sled to ride down the dunes but it was really hot and when you go down you have to walk up in the really hot sand. When I was climbing up the dune it felt like my feet was on fire. I did not like it at all. Then we left and got ice-cream. I got an Oreo ice-cream. We drove to Indiana and stayed at a hotel there.

The next day it was my birthday. On my birthday we drove down to Tennessee to stay at a log cabin for a few days. It was cool because it had a movie theater and we were on a mountain. The town around it was kind of weird because it had like three go kart places right next to each other. There was also weird named places. At the cabin we were staying with some of my uncles friends. One day we went zip lining which was kind of fun. But after was whitewater rafting. That was really cool. No one from our boat fell off but someone else we know did fall off a different boat. When we came back we decided to go to a roller coaster on a mountain/hill. It was a coaster that you can control your own speed and it was dark so lights lighted up. It was scary at night but fun. After we drove back to the cabin and watched a movie. On the last day we went on a hike in the mountains. At the end was waterfall that you can step into the stream. It was really tiring up hill but easier down hill. Later that night most of our group went hillbilly golfing. It is mini golfing but down hill. I didn’t go because I was tried and I didn’t think it would that fun because it is just golfing. The day after is when we had to leave and pack up. We headed out and we stopped at the Cherokee Indian Reservation and went tubing. It wasn’t fast tubing but it was like lazy river tubing. Almost at the end was a rope swing which led to a deep part which was awesome. After we were finished we started driving home and we made it safely the next day.

Hockey, shopping and Camp-la-no-ce


I had a 4 day weekend this past weekend and it was very busy.

On Thursday we went to a hockey game to see Tampa Bay Lightning vs Chicago Blackhawks.  We sat on one of the top of the seats and got to see everything.  The first period Tampa made one goal. Between periods I got a pizza from Little Ceasers.  The second period Tampa made one then Chicago made 2. Then next period they both made one goal. Then it went to over time we did not see it because we left and when we where out side and we heard Tampa won.  We were cheering for Chicago but it was still ok that Tampa won.

Cheering on Chicago!

Cheering on Chicago in Tampa!

Friday we went shopping for halloween costoms and I got a suit.  I am going to be Slender Man. M brother is an Ender man.

This is me in my costume.  Do you see me?  Did I scare you?

This is me in my costume. Do you see me? Did I scare you?

Saturday I went to Camp-la-no-ce.  It’s a camp for cub scouts. First we did a craft and we made a spider web necklace or a decoration. Then we went to place with bouncy houses and a dunk tank. After we went back to the camp and ate lunch  Patrick and my Dad had Spaghettios and I was not hungry . Then we went to a place to find letters and have to unscramble them.  It was fun and easy.  Then we went to a scavenger hunt and did tests for cub scouts.  After we went to archery and we only got to shoot three arrows and I did not like that.   After we went back to camp and ate a trail mix it had marshmallows, gummy bears, and way much more. Then we went to the bb gun range and I did really good.  I ripped a hole in the 7 and 8.  After we went back got our Halloween costumes on.  Then we went to a play and it was about a Cub Scout that was lost and it was really funny. Then we went to the haunted house it was not scary but it was fun.  The same thing with the haunted trail.  After we made smores and I ate 2 then I went to sleep.  I woke up 8:00.  We packed up and left it was a fun 4 day weekend.



Our camp group in costumes.

Our camp group in costumes.



Summer Vacation – Chicago and more!


I went to Chicago for a week then we are going to Ohio and then Michigan.

We drove there and it took two days. We drove in Georgia then we slept in Atlanta. When we learned about hogzilla he is a pig and a hog in one and he was 10 feet long.  You should look it up, it’s a thing. Then we went thru Tennessee and saw big hills. After that, Kentucky. Then Indiana. Finally we went in to Illinois. We stayed at a apartment with my mom’s friend.

The next day we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I took lots of pictures. Once when I was little, a gorilla scared me.   This time,  this big monkey started beating his stomach and kicked the glass right at me and then went in tree to pee.  And there was a big fight one monkey was screaming and hurt ing every monkey. After we went to the beach and swam in the waves.

Then we went to a bacon restaurant and I made a new motto, “No bacon left behind.”  My favorite was a soft good bacon. I also liked the bacon bomb it was bacon, sausage deep fried. After we went to a carnival in Northbrook I wanted to ride the zipper but it was not there. But I liked the gravitron. I liked it because  could go up side down. The next day we went to breakfast and I ate a donut but it had a s’mores flavor. Then we went to the beach and I got sun burn. After we went back and we watched 42 and I really liked it. After that day we walked in the city and looked at the rocks. And then we went to a family members house and ate dinner there. Then the next day we had to leave and we are going to Ohio to go Cedar Point. And in Indiana we went on the dunes and we went up and down on them it was pretty fun. And at the hotel there is water park. And I can’t wait for Cedar Point.

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