Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp


Animal camp is a Disney camp where you learn about animals and how to protect them. I’ve gone ever since kindergarten. This is my last year going and it has been really fun going.

Monday-Today at camp we were going under the sea. But first, we had to be dropped and find out what groups I am in and get ready. When you walk in you have lockers with your name on it. In your locker you have a camp shirt, button with your name on it, and a water bottle. The first things we did was group up and split apart in grade groups. We then learned about rules and other stuff but mainly in the morning we learned about what type of fish were at Epcot in the aquarium. There were trout, some jacks, grunts, rays, and sharks. We also drew a net where you could’ve used any technology even if it doesn’t exist. Then we had lunch we had chicken fingers, tater tots, and carrots. After the main trip was to go to Epcot to go snorkeling with the fish tat we learned about. So we had back stage passes with some workers and we put on a swim suit and started heading up stairs to go swim. It wasn’t regular snorkeling because we didn’t have a tube for air we had a tank for air and a mouth piece. It was really cool I saw sharks a lot of fish and rays. The Rays were swimming right under me. At the beginning, I was scared and then I got used to it. I even saw a big sea turtle! After we were done we went back and had a snack and watched YouTube videos.

Tuesday-Today I had an really fun time but I don’t think as fun as yesterday snorkeling. We went to Epcot and went to go on test track. It wasn’t a very long line because we were in fast pass but we still had to wait a little. I really like test track and I had a really fun time. After we went back and got lunch. For lunch we had tacos. I had three with meat lettuce, and tomato. After lunch we went straight to a animal pen with black rhinos. Her name was Onix. She was not in a very good mood today but we still saw her and we came close. What she can do is called a water squirt where she can pee from 5-8ft. on you. But luckily today she was nice. Then, we put her outside and went in her cage and set up food and what is called enrichment. Black Rhinos like to eat vegetables and leaves. Onix also likes spices because rhinos have good smell. Then finally we got to watch her eat. When we went back to our classroom we had snack we had grapes and yogurt but I only ate the grapes. After snack we backed up and went home.

WednesdayWednesday was really cool. We learned from gorilla keepers more about gorillas like, gorillas have silver backs when they are male and mature. They also showed us what they eat. They eat lettuce, nuts, oatmeal and more. Then we had lunch and for lunch was pizza, watermelon, and salad. Today we were going to safari but it was closed for some reason. So we went on Expedition Everest instead.  After Everest we went to a trail with the gorillas and watched them eat. There were two baby’s, one male and three females. They were eating blue oatmeal in pans. After, we went to the Lion King show. I liked it but it was shorter than I thought it would be. My favorite part was the monkey on the trampolines. For snack we had snow cones and pretzels. The flavors were not so great but I ate it anyways.

Thursday-Today’s adventure was to Kali River Rapids. Kali is a water ride where you have a chance to get drenched or get wet but not very wet. Today I got wet but not very wet. What was cool was that I saw the wave crash and go above my friends. We also traveled to the safari. I saw elephants, rhinos, and more. We also went on the trail again to see birds get fed. It wasn’t the most exciting but it was kinda cool. For lunch we had corn dog bites that were good. They also had tater tots. For the final thing today was that we did a scavenger hunt at Rafikie’s animal watch. Today was fun but I think tomorrow will be better.

Friday-Today we went to go see the goats and sheep. We got to pet the goats and brush them. Then we saw them inside their barn and we saw a goat do agility tests. The training had a balance beam, sticks to run through and a jumping station. We, also went on Dinosaur. It was fun. I used to be scared but not anymore. We then rushed to the bird show. The bird show is about exotic birds and they do tricks. My favorite was when someone puts a dollar up and then the bird grabs it. Then gives it back to the person. For lunch we had pasta and green beans. We also learned how to observe an animal with a chart. We saw a baby gorilla for a checkup on it old broken arm that it had and made sure it wasn’t infected. For snack we had pudding and today was the last day of camp and my last year because I’m in the oldest age group. So I can never come to this camp again and I have been here since kindergarten. I had fun and I might do seaworld camp next year.

Brendan's last year at Disney Animal Kingdom camp.

Brendan’s last year at Disney Animal Kingdom camp.


Disney Animal Kingdom Camp – Day 5


First we went on safari and I saw elephants, monkeys, cattle, giraffe, hippos, gators, and more. Then went on a walk and saw gorillas and birds. Then we ate hotdogs and mac n cheese and for dessert ice cream bars.

Then we went on a scavenger hunt at the conservation station and we looked for animals. We also saw lots of Mickey heads on animals. Then after we got to pet PIGS! and goats. I thing it was the best day of the week. And I am going back next year for 6th grade and we get go horse back riding or scuba diving. I can’t wait for next year.

Brendan's group from Disney's Animal Kingdom Camp.

Brendan’s group from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp.

Disney Animal Kingdom Camp – Day 3


First we saw an animal and it was a gopher tortoise and his name is Dot. His name was Dot because he was shot by a BB gun and it showed a dot on his shell. After that we saw a elephant and his name was Mack. We saw him get a bath and eat. When he was done we put food around his cage like marshmallows and honey and more. Then we watched him eat some marshmallows. After that we ate lunch. I ate spaghetti and I liked it.

Now after lunch we went to Exhibition Everest and Kali River Rapids. I loved  Mt.Everest. But on Kali I barley got soaked. But after the ride it rained really hard. Then we went back to camp. Then we got changed and ate snack. Then we left. Not the best day but it was fun.

Disney Animal Kingdom Camp – Day 2


First we went to Fort Wilderness and went on a pontoon boat. We were looking for animals that were on a sign that we got. I was supposed to find an otter but we did not see any, we only saw birds. Then we ate lunch. for lunch I had a chicken sandwich but i did not eat it i just ate two cookies. It also rained but it did not bother us. I also made a new friend and his name is Kaleb.

After lunch we went to Epcot to look at fish. I saw manatees and dolphins and more. I got to see back stage it was cool. We also went on Nemo. I like Nemo but it is not my favorite. Then we went back and ate snacks. After the snack we went home. It was a really fun day and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Disney Animal Kingdom Camp – Day 1


I’m going to camp at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this week.  I go there every summer.  It’s part of my birthday present from my Nana and Papa.  We get to go on rides and see cool animals.

Today we saw a coo coo bird. His name was Kevin and he flew around the room too.  And we went to Animal Kingdom Lodge and learned about the ecosystem while doing instruments and we made animal food. We also took pictures. I saw giraffes, zebras, pigs and more. When we got back we ate lunch. And we made pots for frogs and that was my first day.

Apple Camp, XBox and Baseball!


There are three things I wanted to blog about this week.

First I had to go to Apple camp at the mall. We learned how to make a movie using an iPad.  We used iMovie and GarageBand to make the movie. I worked with my cousins and my brother. I think our video was pretty good.

Making a movie at Apple Camp.

Making a movie at Apple Camp.

An Apple genius in the making.

An Apple genius in the making.


Second I got a  Xbox 360 for my early birthday present. My birthday is on the 28th. I only got one game so far, Minecraft, but I’m going to get more games. I love playing it thought.  I always wanted a Xbox since about the beginning of the year.  I can’t wait for my friends to come over and play.

Third I went to a  Daytona Cubs game Sunday.  And it just rained and it got cancelled, but we still had fun.  It was me, my cousins, my friend, and my Grandma and Grandpa. We just played and walked around. It was fun and boring. I liked it when me and my friends just played catch with everyone. I did not like it because there was no game.

Boys are ready for some baseball.

Boys are ready for some baseball.