Fun Day at Fun Spot


Recently it was my brother’s birthday. A week later we went to Fun Spot with some friends of his and our cousins. Fun Spot’s address is 5700 Fun Spot Way Orlando,Florida 32819 US. I usually go to one of the big parks like Disney or Universal but it is fun to do different things.

If you want to go to Fun Spot I would recommend going on early Sunday morning because it isn’t really busy. Fun Spot opens at 10-midnight so you have a little time to sleep in. They have go carts, carnival rides, two roller coasters and other little stuff. The go carts are the main attraction of the park, I think. You can ride single rider or double. They have around 4 tracks and one of them is flat. The rest are up and down. The one problem with them is that the go carts are basically a lawnmower and it uses gasoline to power them. So eventually they will need to figure out a different way to power the go carts.

There are two different roller coasters and one I wooden and the other I medal. The wooden roller coaster is one of the most intense wooden roller coasters because at one point you flip almost at a 90 degree angle. Like I said the lines are really short too.      The medal one is a coaster where your feet dangle and the track is above you. After the first drop the rest of the ride is relaxing.

They have a food court which has ok food. I had chicken tenders and fries. Above the restaurant they had this sky diving thing where they bring people up in the sky and drop them. It reminded me of bungee jumping. The gator part of the park was cool. They had a section with baby gators, with adult, albino which was interesting, and a section with about, I would say 10″ long.

I would give Fun Spot a 4/5 stars. It was fun and different and I would go again with some more of my friends. And if you were ever board on a weekend plan a day to go!

Fun Spot - It's HUGE!

Fun Spot – It’s HUGE!


My brother’s birthday


My brother’s birthday was last Friday, we turned 8.  We had to go to school that day. After we went to a Japanese restaurant to eat. I ate pot-stickers and a chicken bowl. I love pot stickers. It is pasta on the outside and beef in the middle. It is the best. Then we went home and got ready for bed.

Saturday we went to my football game. I made three touch downs. We won but I forgot the score. Then we went to pick-up my cousins and went to the movies. We went and saw the Lego movie it was funny and awesome. My favorite part was all the funny parts. My favorite characters are the space man, batman, and the unikitty. It’s a unicorn and a cat mixed together. The thing I didn’t like about it was that it was just imaginary. Then we left the movie and went to a place where there are boards games and hand shuffle board. We played a game of shuffle board and a board game like guess who?. Then they went back to are house and we played games outside then went to sleep.

Sunday was my brother’s birthday party. First we got up played Xbox and got ready. So we went to my brother’s birthday party we went ice skating. The reason we did a Olympics theme is because it is the Olympics. So first we colored flags  I made stuff in the rings or the sign for the Olympics. After that we ate pizza. The pizza was from dominos I ate pepperoni pizza. Then we went ice skating. I got hockey skates. They where better for me than figure skates. I only fell once. It was really fun. We also saw a hockey game it was 10-3.  Then we went back home to open presents. So it was a good weekend.

Brendan and his Olympic flag.

Brendan and his Olympic flag.

My best friend’s birthday


My friends real birthday is on Monday.  We had a birthday party this weekend and played video games like Call of Duty. Then we went on a trampoline. We played a game and we have to trip the person to win. It’s more fun than it sounds. We played that for a while.

Then we played a game we called infected.   It’s like when you get shot you are infected and you have to get other people. Then we made a cake with one side Minecraft and the other side was Call of Duty themed.  I liked that and it turned out good. After we played minecraft on the Xbox and then went to sleep. This morning we  played infected again. Then we ate donuts. After we went on the trampoline again. Then we went in side and played minecraft on our iPads. We found bunch of stuff and played for an hour. Then we ate lunch. then we played on trampoline one more time then we left.

When we where there my mom and dad where near Asheville, North Carolina for a wedding.

Celebrating my 10th birthday


On Sunday, I celebrated my 10th birthday.  I had a party on Saturday with a Minecraft theme we sent up the water slide.  I invited only a few people because I wanted birthday money to go towards a new Xbox. At the party we played games, went on a the slide, made some
crafts, and ate cake pops.

Minecraft party with Creeper & Enderman cake pops.

Minecraft party with Creeper & Enderman cake pops.

Birthday boy and friends with their Minecraft swords.

Birthday boy and friends with their Minecraft swords.

Working on Minecraft Perler Beads.

Working on Minecraft Perler Beads.


Right now I have only three games but plan to buy more with my birthday money.  We made Creeper and Enderman cake pops. We also made bead things and you iron them. I invited my friend my cousins and kids from my school. It was a really fun time and I was turning 10. I liked all of it.

We then went to a family dinner at my favorite restaurant, Steak N Shake.  It was fun.

Sunday we went to Typhoon Lagoon.  I really liked the big wave pool.  It was fun to ride the waves.

Birthday fun at Typhoon Lagoon.

Birthday fun at Typhoon Lagoon.

Olympic Themed Birthday Party


The Olympic-themed birthday party was a big success! So much fun – we are planning one for the Winter Olympics – which happens to be on my other son’s birthday in 2014!

Here’s a look at some of the food and events we held for the party. The weather was a bit hot – so we decided to cancel some of the events so the kids could just jump in the pool. We had to be flexible with so many kids and such hot temperatures. But everyone had a great time and had nothing but amazing things to say about the whole theme.

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As you can see, we had a lot of food and a lot of fun!

We had the kids each make their own Olympic flag.  We used the sewing machine to sew up end with enough room for a stick, bought white bandanas and sharpie markers, drew the Olympic rings on each flag and let the kids decorate the rest.

Once those were done, we had them line up and did a Parade of Nations, complete with music and introductions.

After that, game one!

We hosted a Javelin throw – with pool noodles.  They used their flags to mark distance.

We then had an obstacle course around the pool area with fun activities.

We had many poor events planned – like pool noodle swimming, duck hunt with rubber pool duckies and more.  But as mentioned- it was just too hot so open swim!

Then, everyone got their own medal!

Conor displays his medal!