Chicago Family Trip 2016


Our first family trip of summer in 2016 is in Illinois. We stated in a suburb of Chicago which was Arlington Heights. We saw family from all over the state from my mom’s side. When we had a small family reunion some of the family went fishing. But we didn’t catch anything. It was nice to see everyone again.

In Arlington Heights we went to two different pools. They both had diving boards which we don’t have in Florida.  One had a high dive which was scary when you looked off the edge but it was fun jumping off. But this pool had more people then the other pool. The pool closest to where we’re saying had two regular diving boards and a water slide which end 5ft above the water. The water was 12ft deep and I jumped of the diving the board and touched the ground.

We also visited a little of down town and we went to a new museum and it was the history of TV and I would say it would be go to check it out once but I wouldn’t go back until a long time. We also visited Maggie Daily Park which is a large park pin the city and I would recommend going one day.

We went to three different beaches all on Lake Michigan, which is my favorite lake. My favorite beach we went to was Gillson Beach, I liked the most because it had large swimming areas, a decent amount of people, and no rocks. The other breaches we went to were Glencoe beach and Illinois beach state park. The state had rough waves good for surfing or skim boarding but not for swimming.

I had fun seeing some family again and getting out of the house. As a family we are driving back to Florida from Illinois and collecting all the Pokemon. #TeamBlue


A weekend at the beach


We went to the beach in Tampa so we swam in the gulf.  We went there because it was my moms friend’s birthday, her name is Jackie, we call her Aunt Jackie.

The place was called the Holiday Inn in Indian Rocks Beach. When we first got there we went to the room and unpacked. There was a golf course in the middle in the of the walkway of the rooms.

Holiday Inn - Indian Rocks Beach

Mini golf in the middle of our hotel!

And the rooms are just regular rooms that you you would get at other hotels. After we went to the pool and it has a side that is a splash zone and a pool to swim in. It is a good pool. Then we went to the beach and we collect shells, swam, and me and my brother went on a paddle board for a little. The last day we ate at a place called Slyce. It is a pizza place. For breakfast I had a pizza with ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese. And with a side of bread knots with sausage gravy on top.

Breakfast pizza from Slyce.

Breakfast pizza from Slyce.

After we ate we went to pack up. Next we went to the pool one last time. And we did the same thing at the pool. Like throw a a ball around and swam. Then it was time to leave.  It was a fun weekend.

Indian Rocks Beach.

Indian Rocks Beach.