Trip to Disneyland


As you probably know is that I go to Disney World a lot because my dad works there. But recently I went to Disneyland California. The reason we went was because my dad was on a business trip for the races. He helps with all the Run Disney race entertainment. I went to both of the parks which are Disneyland Park and California Adventure. The two different theme parks are very different. In Disneyland you can walk to everything. Downtown Disney was right under our hotel and we could walk to the parks from there. At Disney World have to take a bus, drive, or a monorail to get to everything.

At the Disneyland Park we went to most of the rides. We went all the main ones. We went on Hyper Space Mountain, which is space mountain but Star Wars themed. Star Tours, Buzz Light Year, and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of those we have at World and they are kind similar. Also The Haunted Mansion was closed because they were taking down all the Christmas lights. The Small World Ride also had a lot of lights in it and we got to see them. In Its a Small World they made all Christmas themed and mashed up jingle bells with the theme song from Its a Small World. There were different rides we went on too like a Nemo Submarine thing where you go into. Submarine and you go under water and join Nemo and friends. It was really cool it is really different from World. Finally at this park I went on Indiana Jones which was a little shaken but still fun. It reminds me of the mummy at Universal.

The other park was I think better because they had Cars Land. Cars used to be my favorite movie as a kid and it almost an exact replica of the movie. They had a ride there which was about you preparing for a race against another car. You get to see all the characters and at the end you race another car with people in it. Out of the 2 times I went I won both times. Some characters actually drive around Cars Land. They also had food where the Cozy Cones were little food stands and they were selling in one of those cones, bacon ma & cheese in a cone. It was ok the mac & cheese was good but the cone wasn’t all good. We also got souvenir cups like a little gas tank. We also got a BB-8 cup.

They also have Tower and Terror but unlike like World it doesn’t go forward. It was still fun though. We also got a chance to go on the water ride there which is a mountain shaped like a bear. The water ride was fun but I barely got wet which is a good thing and a bad thing counting that we were going up to the room right after. They have a roller coaster which is really fun. It has one loop, it screams music into your ear, and really smooth. I also heard that right before you go on the loop look up and while your upside down you can see a hidden Mickey. The ride is called California Scream’n.

For breakfast most of the mornings we went to a fast service kind of restaurant that served Mickey Waffles which are the best. The best rides at the parks were California Scream, Hyper Space Mountain, and Cars. I had a really fun time at LA and I want to come back when Haunted Mansion is open and the new Star Wars part is open.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Camp


Animal camp is a Disney camp where you learn about animals and how to protect them. I’ve gone ever since kindergarten. This is my last year going and it has been really fun going.

Monday-Today at camp we were going under the sea. But first, we had to be dropped and find out what groups I am in and get ready. When you walk in you have lockers with your name on it. In your locker you have a camp shirt, button with your name on it, and a water bottle. The first things we did was group up and split apart in grade groups. We then learned about rules and other stuff but mainly in the morning we learned about what type of fish were at Epcot in the aquarium. There were trout, some jacks, grunts, rays, and sharks. We also drew a net where you could’ve used any technology even if it doesn’t exist. Then we had lunch we had chicken fingers, tater tots, and carrots. After the main trip was to go to Epcot to go snorkeling with the fish tat we learned about. So we had back stage passes with some workers and we put on a swim suit and started heading up stairs to go swim. It wasn’t regular snorkeling because we didn’t have a tube for air we had a tank for air and a mouth piece. It was really cool I saw sharks a lot of fish and rays. The Rays were swimming right under me. At the beginning, I was scared and then I got used to it. I even saw a big sea turtle! After we were done we went back and had a snack and watched YouTube videos.

Tuesday-Today I had an really fun time but I don’t think as fun as yesterday snorkeling. We went to Epcot and went to go on test track. It wasn’t a very long line because we were in fast pass but we still had to wait a little. I really like test track and I had a really fun time. After we went back and got lunch. For lunch we had tacos. I had three with meat lettuce, and tomato. After lunch we went straight to a animal pen with black rhinos. Her name was Onix. She was not in a very good mood today but we still saw her and we came close. What she can do is called a water squirt where she can pee from 5-8ft. on you. But luckily today she was nice. Then, we put her outside and went in her cage and set up food and what is called enrichment. Black Rhinos like to eat vegetables and leaves. Onix also likes spices because rhinos have good smell. Then finally we got to watch her eat. When we went back to our classroom we had snack we had grapes and yogurt but I only ate the grapes. After snack we backed up and went home.

WednesdayWednesday was really cool. We learned from gorilla keepers more about gorillas like, gorillas have silver backs when they are male and mature. They also showed us what they eat. They eat lettuce, nuts, oatmeal and more. Then we had lunch and for lunch was pizza, watermelon, and salad. Today we were going to safari but it was closed for some reason. So we went on Expedition Everest instead.  After Everest we went to a trail with the gorillas and watched them eat. There were two baby’s, one male and three females. They were eating blue oatmeal in pans. After, we went to the Lion King show. I liked it but it was shorter than I thought it would be. My favorite part was the monkey on the trampolines. For snack we had snow cones and pretzels. The flavors were not so great but I ate it anyways.

Thursday-Today’s adventure was to Kali River Rapids. Kali is a water ride where you have a chance to get drenched or get wet but not very wet. Today I got wet but not very wet. What was cool was that I saw the wave crash and go above my friends. We also traveled to the safari. I saw elephants, rhinos, and more. We also went on the trail again to see birds get fed. It wasn’t the most exciting but it was kinda cool. For lunch we had corn dog bites that were good. They also had tater tots. For the final thing today was that we did a scavenger hunt at Rafikie’s animal watch. Today was fun but I think tomorrow will be better.

Friday-Today we went to go see the goats and sheep. We got to pet the goats and brush them. Then we saw them inside their barn and we saw a goat do agility tests. The training had a balance beam, sticks to run through and a jumping station. We, also went on Dinosaur. It was fun. I used to be scared but not anymore. We then rushed to the bird show. The bird show is about exotic birds and they do tricks. My favorite was when someone puts a dollar up and then the bird grabs it. Then gives it back to the person. For lunch we had pasta and green beans. We also learned how to observe an animal with a chart. We saw a baby gorilla for a checkup on it old broken arm that it had and made sure it wasn’t infected. For snack we had pudding and today was the last day of camp and my last year because I’m in the oldest age group. So I can never come to this camp again and I have been here since kindergarten. I had fun and I might do seaworld camp next year.

Brendan's last year at Disney Animal Kingdom camp.

Brendan’s last year at Disney Animal Kingdom camp.

Another Disney Weekend


I went to Disney World again! But this time we got special magic bands. If you don’t know what a magic band it is a bracelet thing that goes around your wrist that allows you to open your room in your hotel room. It also lets you to have fast passes. Which that allows you to go in a line that is quicker but only if you have a fast pass you can go on.

We went to Disney because my mom had to go there for a work event for her blog. It was all about food. Over the weekend we stayed at the Grand Floridian. We had a a lot of fun things. First on Friday we sat and ate dinner at the Polynesian. I had potstickers/dumplings and sticky wings. Sticky wings are wings that were dipped in teriyaki sauce. It is delicious, I think they are the best wings.

Later that day we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Saturday, I had a football game and it was raining all day.  Then we jumped in the pool.  Then we picked my mom up from her work event at the Contemporary resort. Then we went back to hotel and my dad went back to the Polynesian for more sticky wings. It wasn’t that big of a day but the next day we went to a lot of parks. We went to 3/4 of them.

We went to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. The one we did not go to was Epcot. We would’ve but it was a school night. At all of those parks we rode on Mount Everest, the Safari, Rock and Roller Coaster (2 time!), Tower of Terror, and the new Snow White Mine Train. My favorite out of all of those was Rock and Roller coaster. That is one of my favorite rides because it is a roller coaster, it blasts music in the back, and it goes upside down.

I had a great week but I know what is coming up next. I had a great time. So I can’t wait till Thursday. So to sum it all up I am a spoiled kid. 🙂

IMG_6703 IMG_6704

Adventures in Baseball with the Atlanta Braves



Wednesday I went to school, but I didn’t have to go the whole day! I got signed out at 11:00 am so I could go to Disney. We went to Wide World of Sports at Disney. The reason we went there was because I was the third inning announcer for the batters up. The Atlanta Braves and the Detroit Tiger where playing. We sat down on the grass to watch the 1st and 2nd innings.IMG_4290 After I went up stairs to start announcing. First I went up there sat in a chair and waiting till it was time. Then I said the batters name and waited till the next one. After I got a hat and it said cast member. I was also the first jr. announcer Disney ever had. Then we watched most of the baseball game. At the end it was 6-5 Tigers.   Here’s a video.

Saturday I had a football game and I won 33-1. Friday I’m going against an other undefeated team cause it was rained out. Then on Saturday I’m going against the same team for the championship. But the other team hurts the other team by banging them in the ground. So I’m ready.

Sparty Weekend!


We didn’t have school on Friday and my Nana & Papa took us to Blue Spring park to see lots of manatees. There where hundreds of them. We didn’t see gators or turtles.

Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park


Friday night we went to Disney again to go to Epcot with a cousin and friends that we met last week. The first thing we did at Epcot was eat. We ate at the Japanese place. I ate noddles and shrimp and they where really good. Then we walked around a while we went on one ride in Mexico and it was a boat ride with Donald Duck. We where going to stay for fireworks but everyone was tried. So I went to my Nana and Papa’s house and we fell asleep.

Saturday we went to Kings Bowl in Orlando for a Michigan State bowling party with Sparty.  First we went in and ate and talked to people.  Then Sparty came out and he started with us and he wouldn’t leave is alone.  He would just sit by us and play with us. We did a starring competition. He won. He also sat next to my brother and played with him. He also took funny pictures. He was really fun. We asked him if he went to the Rose Bowl and he said yes.  Well,  actually he nodded. After we went across the street to the YMCA and we saw my cousins swimming meet. It was fun and I wish I brought my bathing suit. There was a diving board but we were not supposed to go on it.

Sparty in Orlando Sparty in Orlando Sparty in Orlando

Sparty in Orlando

Sparty rubbing Brendan’s head for good luck.

Sunday me and my dad saw The Hobbit. It was a really good movie but the movie ended at the wrong time. The dragon flew to the city and was about to destroy it but, it ended right at the point. I was mad. The following day I was invited to a sleep over. I went to the sleep over and we played the wii and a arcade box. It was fun and then we played Mario cart. Then we went to sleep. I got picked up then went to a park, Gemini Springs.

We walked around we saw fish and a gator. I went fishing but I didn’t catch anything. We went back home and got ready for school. I was a long week. But a great one.

A Disney weekend


We have been really busy lately.  Last weekend,  I had football practice on a Friday and then we went to Disney at a resort. We went to Port Orleans French quarters. First we got in the hotel then unpacked then we went to a place to eat diner. I ate a kids pizza and a dessert. After we ate we went in a store to get anything we need like snacks so we got donuts for breakfast we went back in the room ,and then fell asleep. The next day we went to the park we played there for a while then went to the arcade. After we went to a place to go to one of my mom’s friends hotel. Her hotel is the animal kingdom lodge so we went to the pool and played games and I won a ball at a hula hoop contest. Then we went back and had a walk. Then we fell asleep. The last day at Disney for the week  we went to the pool and the park. After we went back home and got ready for school.

The next week we went to Disney again and met with different friends that my mom knows. We went to there resort. They where staying at the beach club. We with them with other friends too. First we had to get passed all the runners in the Marathon and we almost ran over one then she screamed it was funny. Then we went to a place to eat and we played with other kids there so we play catch then volley ball after we went to the arcade. We played games. We are saving points on the card to get a big prize. Then after we went home and go to school again. 😦

Port Orleans Pool

Port Orleans Pool

Disney Marathon

Disney Marathon

Mickey Waffle

Mickey Waffle


Thanksgiving Break


I had a Thanksgiving break this past week – no school for 9 days!

On Saturday I had a football game. I kinda felt bad it was 42 us and the other team had 6 they missed the extra point.  We also let them get the touchdown because they weren’t very good.  At the same time my brother had a basketball game and they don’t keep score.  After my friend came over to have a sleep over we played video games and made paper guns.

Sunday I went to his house to play. We played video games the whole time. Then I slept over again at his house. Then we went to Hard Knocks, which is a laser tag place.

Hard Knocks

With Jaden at Hard Knocks

Tuesday, me and brother stayed home and just hang around. Same with Wednesday.  And we took our Christmas card picture – it’s pretty cool.  But on Wednesday for dinner we went a polish restaurant and I ate pierogies with my grandma and grandpa.

Thursday we set up Christmas ornaments. Then went to our grandma and grandpa’s house. But for some reason we did Jewish stuff. Like play dreidel and ate Jewish food like brisket and potato pancakes. Then we brought Wrigley back to Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Joe. He was happy to see them.  But we miss Wrigley.

A very Jewish Thanksgiving

A very Jewish Thanksgiving

Friday I went to my Nana and Papa’s house to stay with them. After we went UCF and went tailgating I had lots of fun.  We went with my friend name Matt. I had lots of candy and soda. We played out side and inside. We also saw the marching band. Then we went to my Matt’s house and watched the game.

Saturday my cousins slept over. We played video games and outside. When we woke up we played more video games. Then we went to a place to eat. Then my cousins left. Then we went home and got ready for school.

My favorite Christmas traditions are setting up Christmas decorations, building a gingerbread house and going to Candlelight processional at Epcot. Candlelight is a concert at Disney about Christmas and lots of songs about Jesus. My least favorite thing about the holidays is putting all of the decorations down.

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house