Christmas 2015


On Christmas Eve we went to church like we do every year on Christmas Eve. Some parts were boring, but it made my family happy. After church we went to my cousins house and we opened some presents and ate dinner. I got a new sports bag, a gift card, cloths, and a Orlando city soccer bag. Later that night we went home and got rest for Christmas.

CHRISTMAS!!! I woke up at 5:30 and woke up my brother then my parents. Like every Christmas we open the stockings first. I got a lot of cleaning products like deodorant, shampoo, and that sort of stuff. Then we went for gifts. I got a new soccer ball which is the one I wanted. I got another bag which has my school’s logo. The reason I got that for Christmas was because my step-dog ate the other one. I also got a couple video games such as Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Star Wars battlefront. My family also got are own BB8 which is the new droid from the new Star Wars movie. And finally for the final bigger gifts. We are going to see Macklemore in concert, and this is     my first ever concert. I also got a new iPhone for Christmas. It is the new iPhone 5s. I now have a better phone then both of my parents. Finally the biggest gift of all is that we are going to Disney Land in California. My dad is going on a business and he is taking all of us with him. We are also staying in the Grand Californian right next to both of the parks.

After we settled down we got ready to go to my Nana and Papa’s house. For dinner we had turkey and ham and some other stuff. After we ate we opened presents. I got a MSU beach towel. I got a spinning lantern, cloths , a new chair for my desk and a soccer goal.

I had an amazing Christmas and I can’t wait till the next one. I also wonder what will happen in 2016. I don’t really have a new year resolution. I just want a good new year.

IMG_3620 Brendan-BB8


Boys Night Out


My mom was out with a friend so me, my brother, and my dad went out on a boys night.

First we went to see the new Captain America movie. It was awesome movie. My favorite part was the battle between the winter soldier and Captain America. We saw it in IMAX 3D.

After we went to get diner. We went to Ale House. I had honey mustard zingers. Two waitresses at the restaurant thought my brother was cute. They kept making comments the whole time. One even hugged him. It was funny.

Then we went mini golfing at Congo River. My brother and my dad got a hole in one but I didn’t.  At the end, me and my brother tied and my dad came in first. Me and my brother had 53 and my dad had 49. Then we went to get soft severed ice cream. It was a pretty fun day.

Ice cream at Twistee Treat!

Ice cream at Twistee Treat!

Pop Rocks and Soda – Science Fair Project


I did a science project for school. It was about pop rocks and soda. I put pop rocks in a balloon and then, dump them in the soda. Then you watch it.

I asked would pop rocks and drinking soda explode your stomach.  The answer is won’t explode your stomach, but it will make you burp a lot.

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Fair Project.  More at

Science Project: Will eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda make your stomach explode?

I used Mountain Dew, Fanta, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite and Dr. Pepper.

Once we dumped the Pop Rocks into the soda, it started making lots of fizzling noises.  I saw that darker colors would fizzle more.  And I thought which the one with most sugar would blow off.

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Fair Project.  More at

Pop Rocks and soda experiment.

But none of them blew off. Pepsi had the most gas. And my cat wanted to do science.  Trooper wouldn’t leave the experiment alone, and he is showing up in the back of lots of pictures in my science project.  I wonder if anyone at school will notice.

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Fair Project.  More at

Science and Pop Rocks!

I did the project because it sounded awesome and I like pop rocks. They tickle in your mouth and  hurt a little in your mouth.
And here’s a video of me doing the project….and you’ll see my cat Trooper showing up.

All about school




My 4th grade class in St. Augustine, Florida.

I have 23 classmates. There are 23 students in each of the three 4th grade classes.

The kids in my class are Edwin, Angel, Sam, Emy, Dana, Jaden, Austin, Allura, Sara, Angelica, Morgan, Kyle, Danny, Jenna, Isaiah, Valeria, Isabella, Nicole, Bonny, Marcus, Chelsie, and Zack.

My favorite subjects are math and science. I think social studies is the hardest. My teachers name is Mrs. Judge and she likes to give out brain teasers.

I’ve gotten one C in my life on a report card and mostly get A’s and B’s.

I like playing out side in a field for recess. My school is getting rebuilt, so we are at a school across from University High School. Sometimes I take the bus and some other times I go to Champions, which is an afterschool program.  I like going outside in champions. My favorite special at school is PE because we get to play sports.

What I’m watching on TV


Two of my favorite TV channels are Disney an Cartoon Network.

My top 3 shows on Disney are Good luck Charlie, Jessie, and Gravity falls.
My first favorite is Good Luck Charlie.  The family is fun and reminds me of my family – with less kids.

My top 3 shows on Cartoon Network are, Regular show, Adventure Time, and Incredible Crew.

My first favorite is Regular Show

Good luck Charlie is my favorite because it is funny to me.

My least favorite shows are Shake It Up,and Disney jr. shows.

I don’t like it because it is kinda getting old.

They are my least favorite because,the shows are annoying and old and stupid.

Good Luck Charlie!

Good Luck Charlie!

My favorite video games


Video games are awesome.

My top 3 on my iPad are Minecraft, a Simpson game called Tapped Out,  and  Subway Surfer.
Subway Surfer it’s kind of like Temple Run but different. The Simpson game it is kind like Sim City but Simpson-theme.

My top 3 games on the Xbox are Minecraft,  Call of Duty, and Assault Heroes 2.
Call of Duty is a shooting game, and Assault Heroes is shooting aliens in like cars, helicopter, tanks.

My favorite D.S  games is Mario Kart, Call of Duty,and Tron.  Mario Kart is a racing game, Tron is a battle game.