Fun Day at Fun Spot

Recently it was my brother’s birthday. A week later we went to Fun Spot with some friends of his and our cousins. Fun Spot’s address is 5700 Fun Spot Way Orlando,Florida 32819 US. I usually go to one of the big parks like Disney or Universal but it is fun to do different things.

If you want to go to Fun Spot I would recommend going on early Sunday morning because it isn’t really busy. Fun Spot opens at 10-midnight so you have a little time to sleep in. They have go carts, carnival rides, two roller coasters and other little stuff. The go carts are the main attraction of the park, I think. You can ride single rider or double. They have around 4 tracks and one of them is flat. The rest are up and down. The one problem with them is that the go carts are basically a lawnmower and it uses gasoline to power them. So eventually they will need to figure out a different way to power the go carts.

There are two different roller coasters and one I wooden and the other I medal. The wooden roller coaster is one of the most intense wooden roller coasters because at one point you flip almost at a 90 degree angle. Like I said the lines are really short too.      The medal one is a coaster where your feet dangle and the track is above you. After the first drop the rest of the ride is relaxing.

They have a food court which has ok food. I had chicken tenders and fries. Above the restaurant they had this sky diving thing where they bring people up in the sky and drop them. It reminded me of bungee jumping. The gator part of the park was cool. They had a section with baby gators, with adult, albino which was interesting, and a section with about, I would say 10″ long.

I would give Fun Spot a 4/5 stars. It was fun and different and I would go again with some more of my friends. And if you were ever board on a weekend plan a day to go!

Fun Spot - It's HUGE!
Fun Spot – It’s HUGE!

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