Why home work is good and bad

I don’t like homework(HW). The reasons are because it takes up most of my time. I can’t do what I want to do. If I want to play outside I have to come in early to do homework. In 6th grade we get more “projects” then homework. The reason I said “homework” is because it is not a project but it is homework due on further dates.what is the point of homework too. You are just going over information you already know. But next year I heard I’m going to get 50 plus problems everyday for math. So I’m very excited for next year. NOT!

The only good things about homework is that it can raise your grade just a little. Sometimes it can be fun with friends and work together to communicate better. I. Have a lot of homework/projects due different days and it is confusing what I have to remember everyday when it is due so I won’t forget to bring it.

I am just glad that school is closing. But it is not over yet. I still have to take EOC and the FSA test which are the final exam tests for the year in Florida. All I know what I’m doing this summer is that I’m going to a one camp so far and, I’m going back to Marco Island. I am so excited.


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