Michigan State Basketball

My favorite team Michigan State is in the Final 4 win over the Louisville Cardinals. But the games to get there were also really tough. Are first game was against Georgia in the tournament and we won against them 70-63. It was tough until the end but it wasn’t the biggest challenge. The next game gets even harder. It was against Virginia. We went against them last tournament and we beat them with one point. This year we won 60-54. The problem is win this season is the teams get harder and harder. Now we are in the sweet six-teen. Michigan State rolls by Oklahoma 62-58. On to the Elite Eight. The most intense games lead to over time. Michigan State holds on over Louisville 76-70. Now for our Kryptonite Duke. We rarely win against them. So I’m am worried about the end.

The reason I like Michigan State is because my parents brained washed me. They both went to Michigan State and I want to go there now. What I am glad about of the bracket is that Michigan did not make it.


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