Spring Break!

Spring break!!!!!! I just came off of school Friday because of teacher work day which means I have extra day off. I am really excited what is to come. But on Saturday and Sunday we already had something planned. My brother and I were going to Universal with my cousins. We were going to the parks and going to sleep over at their hotel Royal Pacific.

On Saturday we went to Universal Studios first. I walked around with my cousins by our selves because my oldest cousin is old enough to do that plus he had his phone. First we went on Top Thrill Dragster it was amazing. I like that you can pick your song for the ride and it matches with the ride. We then went on Men in Black. We went on it once then my aunt asked us if we could go to a “secret” place where there is some chairs and desks in the middle of the waiting line. Then the person that worked there gave us some tips because his high score is 999999 and he said to hold down the trigger and shoot your own target. We went on it again and I got a higher score but not 999999. We went to Harry Potter which I had Ice Cream butter beer. It is soft served ice cream with butter beer on it (Butter beer had no alcohol in it). We also went to sling field and had a big donut from Lard Lad Donuts. After that we walked back to the hotel and we all went into the pool.

After the hotel we went to Universal’s island of adventure. We went to Hulk but then my brother was not tall enough. So we went on Doctors Doom’s Drop. It was also my first time on that and the only scary part was the begging when it lifts you off because the rest you can look at the city or the rest of the park. Then we went on Spider-Man and we were stuck on it for a couple minutes and then it moved back with out volume then everything was back to normal. My younger cousin was a little weird and went on a water ride saying he won’t get wet but after he got soaked. I didn’t want to go on because I didn’t want to walk with wet cloths every where. After went on Jurassic Park which is a water ride but if someone is i front of you, you won’t get wet. I barley got wet. After we went to Dragons Challenge we snuck my brother in and at the last moment when we were at the gate to go the guy needed to check his height and my brother couldn’t go on because he was centimeter short so he had to wait in the child swap and I felt bad because he wanted to go on it but at the last moment he could not. We went back to hulk because my aunt and uncle came back had my brother but we walked over to it and it was closed  my little cousin was really mad.

We went back to the hotel went swimming for a little bit and we went to bed. We woke up in the morning packed and went swimming again and then left.


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