Orlando City Soccer

The past Thursday I went to a 5k. If you paid for the 5k you will get a ticket that comes with it. I ran the 5k cousins and my aunt and uncle. I didn’t get the best time I could’ve done but my excuse is, that I have not been running a lot of distance running in a while, but I have been doing short distance running and sprinting. I saw the mascot for the lions that I said looks like Bob Marely.

On Sunday it was the game but before that I came off of a sleepover. I had to leave to go to a memorial for my friend Joe. We did another one because not all people could attend the memorial at Chicago.

After the memorial we went straight to the soccer game. I was really excited. There was so many people. We took the bus over there. When we got there we were about an hour early. We went to our seats that were perfect. We were on the top bowl. We were straight from the center of the field. Finally the only people in front of us were the camera man. They were pretty good seats by random pick. I had a hotdog with ketchup on it. It was pretty good. When the game started it was so fun. Kaka got the ball everyone started screaming. If you didn’t know Kaka is a good soccer/futball player. At the end of the half NYC red bulls scored a goal. The bad part of that was I was in the bathroom. I tried to look around to find the New York group and I only saw about 15 people in one group. In the final seconds the refs called a free kick. Kaka shot and scored. Everyone one was so happy that they tied and caught up. Some guy before the game gave out a stream of ribbons to people and I threw mine of the top bowl. It was history because it was Orlando City Lions (OCL) first goal in MLS and game in MLS. When it was time to leave it took about 30 minutes to get back on to the car because of the traffic.

I am not looking forward to next month because of the FSA is the end of the course exam. But I am looking forward to go the next OCL game.

Orlando City Soccer
Orlando City Soccer – First game!
Orlando City Soccer
Orlando City Soccer



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