Clash of Clans

Like I said in my other blogs, one of my favorite games iss Clash of Clans. It is made by supercell. The point of the game is building your base and try to be the best and play with friends. Right now I have a castle which controls my clan. I am in a clan with my friends from school. When you are clans you can get loot called elixir which helps with upgrading attacking troops and things to make the troops. Also gold that helps upgrade defense. In clans there are clan wars which is clan vs clan. It picks a clan that you go against and you attack the other clan. The highest you go the more stars you will get. The top is 3 stars. You get one star by destroying their main base called the town hall. You get another star by destroying their base 50%. Finally you get another when you destroy 100%. After 24 hours who ever gets the most stars that clan would win. We are 2-0.

The attacking troops you can attack with are barbains, archers, goblins, wall breakers, balloons bombs, healers, wizards, dragons, and pekkas. The pekkas are the strongest. I have all of those troops. You could also upgrade them with the laboratory. I have almost all of them upgraded to level except the pekkas, dragons, and healers. You can also use spells like healing, lighting, and rage spell which makes them stronger and faster for a short time. My defenses are also good. I have air defenses that protects the from air troops. I also have cannons, archer towers, wizard tower, and mortars. Finally I have walls that are level 6 and 7. So this is one of my favorite games the reasons. If you want it is free on the App Store. I would go by it so you have something on your free time.

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans

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