The Big Game!

This Saturday we had a big game for football. It wasn’t the championship but it was a big game. It was another unseated team. And before we went against this team there were 3 undefeated teams counting us. We were in second place and the first place team has won every game by 40+ points. We were in second. The 1st place team has four firs on it. All the girls were good. One of them was the QB. What she would do was   throw quick passes. When she quick passes they were high up in the air because most of there team were tall. I was worried through the whole week playing against them. Then my coach told us one of the mom’s wanted a news crew to come in and put on the news a team of girls beating the boys at football.

So on Saturday I woke up and ate eggs and I was all ready to go. So when we started the game they had ball first. We made them turn the ball over and we scored a touchdown after. When we went for the 2 they intercepted it and came close to getting the 2 points extra. But luckily we got him later that game I scored two touchdowns. One touchdown I jukes a person and the other one was burning them. We didn’t get extra points. So the score was 18-0 at the end. Just to be clear I play flag football.

I was so happy at the end of the game. We are number one and there is still an unseated team. We are probably going to meet them at the finals. So I hope we do good for the rest of the season.


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