The Big Game!


This Saturday we had a big game for football. It wasn’t the championship but it was a big game. It was another unseated team. And before we went against this team there were 3 undefeated teams counting us. We were in second place and the first place team has won every game by 40+ points. We were in second. The 1st place team has four firs on it. All the girls were good. One of them was the QB. What she would do was¬† ¬†throw quick passes. When she quick passes they were high up in the air because most of there team were tall. I was worried through the whole week playing against them. Then my coach told us one of the mom’s wanted a news crew to come in and put on the news a team of girls beating the boys at football.

So on Saturday I woke up and ate eggs and I was all ready to go. So when we started the game they had ball first. We made them turn the ball over and we scored a touchdown after. When we went for the 2 they intercepted it and came close to getting the 2 points extra. But luckily we got him later that game I scored two touchdowns. One touchdown I jukes a person and the other one was burning them. We didn’t get extra points. So the score was 18-0 at the end. Just to be clear I play flag football.

I was so happy at the end of the game. We are number one and there is still an unseated team. We are probably going to meet them at the finals. So I hope we do good for the rest of the season.


A long weekend


I had a super long weekend even though it was two days long. At 12:00pm I had a football game. We won 40-8. But next week is a different story as we are going against the other unseated team. They are all tall, fast, able to catch, and throw. We have some real hard games coming up. I scored 1 touchdown off an interception. After the football game I went to Universal with my friend and his family. When went there for his parents for a concert. I don’t recall the name but it wasn’t that interesting for me.[Mom note: It was Olivia Newton John!]

We went on the hulk which was pretty awesome. After we walked around we went on Journey to Atlantis. It is a tour guide thing about what happened to the Ancient Greeks with gods and wars. Sounds boring but it is fun. So he said “since I said my name say yours” so everyone did. But I said mine one second late on purpose. But I didn’t realize this was going to happen. His reaction was ok “Brendan we were just arrange buddy systems and can you be my partner?” Of course I said yes. So I was his partner and he kept saying my name on the tour/ride thing. He let me hold the Triton too. He was so cool. Then we went on transformers which was ok. Then we finally went to his house after and I slept over.

Sunday, my friend and I went to Rebounderz for my brother’s birthday party. Rebounderz is a bounce place and it comes with basketball and dodgeball. It wasn’t organized dodge ball. What I mean about that is that you have to create your own teams and rules. The basketball net was two nets and two trampolines side by side and it was made to dunk. But not play a game. They were also building 2 new bounce things. They were building an obstacle course and something that I don’t know I just know it wasn’t open yet. After everything we had pizza made from there. It was actually good. Finally we had mint chocolate chip ice cream.

After my brother’s birthday, I went back to the AAU basketball tryout and I think I did better than last time. We did the same things as last time and on the 5v5 scrimmage I got the ball and the defender that was blocking me for some reason backed off of me and I shot it and went in. I know people make points all the time but I’m not the greatest at basketball. I think I might make the team. So I am really excited.

Playing with Mira on the trampoline.

Playing with Mira on the trampoline.

My latest sports fun


Recently, I went to an AAU basket balltry out sort of thing. I think I did really well. There is another try out Sunday. We did some dribbling drills, stretching, shooting, and defense. At the end we did 3-v-3 and my team beat all the teams. Then we did 5-v-5 and we lost. Some of my friends were there that I also play football with.

Also I had a football game Saturday. We won about 40-24. I scored three touchdowns. I also did a god job on defense. I went through everyone on on my touchdowns and one wasn’t even supposed to go to me. We went against a Lake Nona team so we are now 3-0. We are going against a team with a girl QB and she throws quick and fast and the people on her team are really tall so she throws it high up in the air.