Our Marco Island Vacation

I went on another trip to Marco Island. We packed up all of our stuff and drove about 5 hours. But it was worth it. When I got there I unpacked and went to sleep cause it was 10:30.

The next day I went in the pool and unpacked the rest of my stuff. On the back of the house there was a canal that you can fish in. So we started a family fishing contest.  We fished and caught some snapper. I caught one we could have saved to eat,  but it flopped out of my dad’s hands. A couple days later I went deep sea fishing, but I’ll talk more about that later.

The next day we went on a pontoon boat. All we caught were whitings. The next day just relaxed. After that day my dad threw me in the pool with my pajama’s. Then in a I went kayaking. It was cool cause your really close to the water. After, me and my mom went in the pool again. Then we packed up and left back to go home.  It was a great vacation.


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  1. Your father threw you in the pool in your pajamas?! Excellent! You have a funny father.

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