Goodbye 5th Grade!

At the beginning of the year I was kinda scared of all the work I thought 5th grade would bring. But actually I didn’t have that much work.

I had awesome teachers. My reading teacher was Ms.Franklin she likes Disney. My math teacher was Mr.Anderson he likes super hero’s. My science/social studies teacher was Mrs.Pettingill she likes chocolate and coffee.

My favorite part of the year was our Sea World field trip. The park wasn’t busy and we got to ride all of the roller-coasters.

I think it was the 3rd last day of school there was an Awards Ceremony. I got seven different awards. I got an award for leadership, PE, a behavior award, citizenship, safety patrol, music, and math. The 2nd to last day of school was my play. It was Annie. I was a servant and it was really fun. The last day of school was really awesome. There was music, games, and food. But it is kinda sad because I knew some 8th graders and now they are leaving. But all in the end it was fun.


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  1. Sounds like 5th grade was a big success. Congratulations! You had a terrific year and I hope you have a terrific summer.

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