Video Games…and more!

I love video games! My favorite on the apple devices are 1. Clash of Clans. 2. Instagram 3. Minecraft.

Clash of Clans is a game where you attack people to get trophies and loot. You also defend your base by upgrading with gold. You could upgrade walls to slow people that attack you. Archer tower and cannons to make them stronger. You also upgrade your town hall to unlock new things or more thing doing that. You use elixir for upgrading troops for attacking people. You also use pumps and mines to get that loot. You are trying to get a good base and be the best.

Second is Instagram because I like to see pics and short videos. I like to post Michigan State stuff, lego’s. sports and random stuff. My name is dangercook.

Third I like minecraft because it uses your imagination also it’s a adventure. Me and brother like to play war. You gather your stuff in a short amount of time. Then we fight. I won every round.

On Xbox I like 1.Call of Duty(any) 2. I like NHL. 3. I like NCAA. I like Call of Duty because it’s all out skill. I like NHL because I like sports. Also it is fun and intense. I like NCAA because I love Michigan State and I like football. All these are my favorite games.


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