Run For The Trees

I did a 5k Saturday. It was called the Run for the Trees race organized by the Track Shack.  My cousin, who I normally run with, couldn’t run cause he has something causing his foot to hurt when he runs. So he didn’t run.

When we got there I stretched. Then the race started. I ran a little faster at the beginning so I got a head start, then I slowed down a bit.  Near the end of the first mile I had to tie my shoe. So I lost 10 seconds. On the first mile we ran on the street in a neighborhood.  But at the end of the second mile the road turned to dirt and it led to the third mile. Then it was on bricks. Then over a bridge. Finally it was done. My time was originally 26:10 but I subtracted 10 because of my shoe laces. So I got 26:00 minutes. It was my PR. (Personal Record) my old time was like about 27 mins. I came 4th in my age group.  Instead of a medal, we all got trees. If you got 3rd and up in your age group you get a bigger tree. I was so close.

I got a Magnolia tree and we have now planted it in our backyard.

Brendan plants his Magnolia tree after the Run For The Trees 5K.
Brendan plants his Magnolia tree after the Run For The Trees 5K.

I’m also still doing running club thru the Track Shack. We do club running meets some times. We could chose 1600m’s, 800m’s,400m’s, 200m’s, and 100m’s. I did a 800m and 200m. I came first in 800m’s and came second by a millisecond in a 200m. It was a close one. So I got 2 ribbons.



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