Boys Night Out

My mom was out with a friend so me, my brother, and my dad went out on a boys night.

First we went to see the new Captain America movie. It was awesome movie. My favorite part was the battle between the winter soldier and Captain America. We saw it in IMAX 3D.

After we went to get diner. We went to Ale House. I had honey mustard zingers. Two waitresses at the restaurant thought my brother was cute. They kept making comments the whole time. One even hugged him. It was funny.

Then we went mini golfing at Congo River. My brother and my dad got a hole in one but I didn’t.  At the end, me and my brother tied and my dad came in first. Me and my brother had 53 and my dad had 49. Then we went to get soft severed ice cream. It was a pretty fun day.

Ice cream at Twistee Treat!
Ice cream at Twistee Treat!

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