Crazy sports weekend

Friday night I had a football game after school. We went against an undefeated team, just like ours. We were supposed to play them earlier in the season, but that game was rained out.  Our coaches told us that this team was tough and liked to play tackle football, even though we were in a flag football league. No one liked them. Friday night we lost 20-6.  I made the only touchdown for our team.  It was our first loss. We were pretty mad.

Saturday was the championship and we had to play the same team again.  But this time, the game really mattered.  We had all of our best players for this game so we were ready with more power. I made 2 points and a big run. We won 23-6 for the championship. The other team got like 10 flags. I was really happy when we won. I got a trophy. After I went to my cousins house to sleep over because Sundays was running a 5k with my young cousin.

Blanchard Park YMCA Flag Football
2014 Blanchard Park Football Spartans

Blanchard Park YMCA Flag Football

Sunday we woke up at 5:45 I think. We went got dressed and went to the race. We went there and stretched. Then they started the race. I ran with out stopping and I didn’t feel like passing out. I had a time of 26:43 for my first 5k. It was at the Oviedo mall. For a middle school. It was really fun.



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