Adventures in Baseball with the Atlanta Braves


Wednesday I went to school, but I didn’t have to go the whole day! I got signed out at 11:00 am so I could go to Disney. We went to Wide World of Sports at Disney. The reason we went there was because I was the third inning announcer for the batters up. The Atlanta Braves and the Detroit Tiger where playing. We sat down on the grass to watch the 1st and 2nd innings.IMG_4290 After I went up stairs to start announcing. First I went up there sat in a chair and waiting till it was time. Then I said the batters name and waited till the next one. After I got a hat and it said cast member. I was also the first jr. announcer Disney ever had. Then we watched most of the baseball game. At the end it was 6-5 Tigers.   Here’s a video.

Saturday I had a football game and I won 33-1. Friday I’m going against an other undefeated team cause it was rained out. Then on Saturday I’m going against the same team for the championship. But the other team hurts the other team by banging them in the ground. So I’m ready.


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