The Bully at Football

On Saturday I had a football game. We won 24-0. But there was a trash talker on the other team. He was number 11 and has blond hair. He called one of my teammates a girl cause he has long hair. So the number 11 guy said “watch that girl” and that play the guy with the long hair, John, made a touchdown.  My coach called the play because he heard them call John a girl, and wanted to show what a good player he is.  Also the number 11 guy called him a “B*tch”.  I said, “it takes one to know one”. Then he said “what?” It made me mad and chuckle at the same time cause it was funny when John made a touchdown right after that comments.  And it made me mad because he didn’t care what he said.

Brendan football
Brendan pulling flags at football.

Sunday we went to breakfast at Johnny’s diner. I ate pancakes, hash browns, and bacon. It was yummy. Then we went to Daytona to get something for my mom to get. Then I went back to my house and got ready for a birthday party. I went to Tyler’s house. He is on my football team. He had a pirate birthday party. I got him a gift card. We played on the bounce house and played tag and stuff. I went back home and watched , “Finding Big Foot.”  After watching it,  I don’t believe in him.


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