My brother’s birthday

My brother’s birthday was last Friday, we turned 8.  We had to go to school that day. After we went to a Japanese restaurant to eat. I ate pot-stickers and a chicken bowl. I love pot stickers. It is pasta on the outside and beef in the middle. It is the best. Then we went home and got ready for bed.

Saturday we went to my football game. I made three touch downs. We won but I forgot the score. Then we went to pick-up my cousins and went to the movies. We went and saw the Lego movie it was funny and awesome. My favorite part was all the funny parts. My favorite characters are the space man, batman, and the unikitty. It’s a unicorn and a cat mixed together. The thing I didn’t like about it was that it was just imaginary. Then we left the movie and went to a place where there are boards games and hand shuffle board. We played a game of shuffle board and a board game like guess who?. Then they went back to are house and we played games outside then went to sleep.

Sunday was my brother’s birthday party. First we got up played Xbox and got ready. So we went to my brother’s birthday party we went ice skating. The reason we did a Olympics theme is because it is the Olympics. So first we colored flags  I made stuff in the rings or the sign for the Olympics. After that we ate pizza. The pizza was from dominos I ate pepperoni pizza. Then we went ice skating. I got hockey skates. They where better for me than figure skates. I only fell once. It was really fun. We also saw a hockey game it was 10-3.  Then we went back home to open presents. So it was a good weekend.

Brendan and his Olympic flag.
Brendan and his Olympic flag.

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