My weekly routine


Monday I wake up watch tv right when I wake up. Then my dad tells me to get dressed so I get dressed. I get dressed then eat. I eat something quick like donuts.  Then I brush my teeth and get ready for school. I go to school after I go to chorus and then my run club. Then I go to bed.

Tuesday I do the same thing but I don’t go to chorus or running.

Wednesday I go to school then go to running or football. In my Run Club, we first run across fields to the opposite end. Then we stretch, then run back. Then we do a activity like kick ball. After we run the track. We run 1600m, 800m, 400m, 200m and some times  100m. I like to run 400m and 100m.

Thursday I go to chorus.  We are working on the play, Annie. We first do warm ups. Then we do sight reading. After we sing the songs for the play. The play is also on the second to last day of school. It goes to 3-4 pm (chorus).

Friday I go to school. After school I go to football. I do football then eat diner. Then we go to bed and I start to ready for football a little.

Saturday I go to my football game.  My latest one, we won 30-14. I made 2 touch downs. After go home and my brother goes to baseball. So then I play my games then go to bed.

Sunday we really just stay at home a chill at the end of the day I get ready to go to school and do my blog. That’s what I do for my weekly routine.

Brendan playing football.

Brendan playing football.


The Bully at Football


On Saturday I had a football game. We won 24-0. But there was a trash talker on the other team. He was number 11 and has blond hair. He called one of my teammates a girl cause he has long hair. So the number 11 guy said “watch that girl” and that play the guy with the long hair, John, made a touchdown.  My coach called the play because he heard them call John a girl, and wanted to show what a good player he is.  Also the number 11 guy called him a “B*tch”.  I said, “it takes one to know one”. Then he said “what?” It made me mad and chuckle at the same time cause it was funny when John made a touchdown right after that comments.  And it made me mad because he didn’t care what he said.

Brendan football

Brendan pulling flags at football.

Sunday we went to breakfast at Johnny’s diner. I ate pancakes, hash browns, and bacon. It was yummy. Then we went to Daytona to get something for my mom to get. Then I went back to my house and got ready for a birthday party. I went to Tyler’s house. He is on my football team. He had a pirate birthday party. I got him a gift card. We played on the bounce house and played tag and stuff. I went back home and watched , “Finding Big Foot.”  After watching it,  I don’t believe in him.

My brother’s birthday


My brother’s birthday was last Friday, we turned 8.  We had to go to school that day. After we went to a Japanese restaurant to eat. I ate pot-stickers and a chicken bowl. I love pot stickers. It is pasta on the outside and beef in the middle. It is the best. Then we went home and got ready for bed.

Saturday we went to my football game. I made three touch downs. We won but I forgot the score. Then we went to pick-up my cousins and went to the movies. We went and saw the Lego movie it was funny and awesome. My favorite part was all the funny parts. My favorite characters are the space man, batman, and the unikitty. It’s a unicorn and a cat mixed together. The thing I didn’t like about it was that it was just imaginary. Then we left the movie and went to a place where there are boards games and hand shuffle board. We played a game of shuffle board and a board game like guess who?. Then they went back to are house and we played games outside then went to sleep.

Sunday was my brother’s birthday party. First we got up played Xbox and got ready. So we went to my brother’s birthday party we went ice skating. The reason we did a Olympics theme is because it is the Olympics. So first we colored flags  I made stuff in the rings or the sign for the Olympics. After that we ate pizza. The pizza was from dominos I ate pepperoni pizza. Then we went ice skating. I got hockey skates. They where better for me than figure skates. I only fell once. It was really fun. We also saw a hockey game it was 10-3.  Then we went back home to open presents. So it was a good weekend.

Brendan and his Olympic flag.

Brendan and his Olympic flag.

Another Football season


This blog I am going to talk about my football team and recent football games.

My football team I play on is a decent team.  We get to pick our own team name, and we are the Spartans.  Again.  The quarterback’s name is Leiz he is a good quarter back and plays safety on defense. A safety covers the deep wider receivers. There is a other quarter back named Zach.   He also plays safety.  Our centers are Max and Tyler. They both play corners.  Our running backs are Logan, Jacob, John, and Jay. They switch on the play we do.  Our wider receivers are Logan, Zach, Jay, John, and me. Me and john are slots for a hand off. Most of the people do different places for a play. We also have people that just play on defense we have Michael that plays middle line backer he usually blitzes. Jay and John play line backers too. I play corner and Logan plays corner.

We are a good team the first time I played on the team. We where undefeated champs. Our quarter back then was Luke he was the best quarter back. The next season I was not on that team. The next season I was back on their team and we where 3-2-1. Three wins, two loses and one tie. The tie was against an undefeated team so I was happy. But the ref’s were not smart. They moved the ball back so we didn’t get the first down. This season we won 1 game and the next cancelled from all the rain. I’m hoping for a good season this time.

football team

Brendan’s 2013 Blachard Park YMCA Football team.