Sparty Weekend!

We didn’t have school on Friday and my Nana & Papa took us to Blue Spring park to see lots of manatees. There where hundreds of them. We didn’t see gators or turtles.

Blue Spring State Park
Blue Spring State Park
Blue Spring State Park
Blue Spring State Park


Friday night we went to Disney again to go to Epcot with a cousin and friends that we met last week. The first thing we did at Epcot was eat. We ate at the Japanese place. I ate noddles and shrimp and they where really good. Then we walked around a while we went on one ride in Mexico and it was a boat ride with Donald Duck. We where going to stay for fireworks but everyone was tried. So I went to my Nana and Papa’s house and we fell asleep.

Saturday we went to Kings Bowl in Orlando for a Michigan State bowling party with Sparty.  First we went in and ate and talked to people.  Then Sparty came out and he started with us and he wouldn’t leave is alone.  He would just sit by us and play with us. We did a starring competition. He won. He also sat next to my brother and played with him. He also took funny pictures. He was really fun. We asked him if he went to the Rose Bowl and he said yes.  Well,  actually he nodded. After we went across the street to the YMCA and we saw my cousins swimming meet. It was fun and I wish I brought my bathing suit. There was a diving board but we were not supposed to go on it.

Sparty in Orlando Sparty in Orlando Sparty in Orlando

Sparty in Orlando
Sparty rubbing Brendan’s head for good luck.

Sunday me and my dad saw The Hobbit. It was a really good movie but the movie ended at the wrong time. The dragon flew to the city and was about to destroy it but, it ended right at the point. I was mad. The following day I was invited to a sleep over. I went to the sleep over and we played the wii and a arcade box. It was fun and then we played Mario cart. Then we went to sleep. I got picked up then went to a park, Gemini Springs.

We walked around we saw fish and a gator. I went fishing but I didn’t catch anything. We went back home and got ready for school. I was a long week. But a great one.


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