A Disney weekend

We have been really busy lately.  Last weekend,  I had football practice on a Friday and then we went to Disney at a resort. We went to Port Orleans French quarters. First we got in the hotel then unpacked then we went to a place to eat diner. I ate a kids pizza and a dessert. After we ate we went in a store to get anything we need like snacks so we got donuts for breakfast we went back in the room ,and then fell asleep. The next day we went to the park we played there for a while then went to the arcade. After we went to a place to go to one of my mom’s friends hotel. Her hotel is the animal kingdom lodge so we went to the pool and played games and I won a ball at a hula hoop contest. Then we went back and had a walk. Then we fell asleep. The last day at Disney for the week  we went to the pool and the park. After we went back home and got ready for school.

The next week we went to Disney again and met with different friends that my mom knows. We went to there resort. They where staying at the beach club. We with them with other friends too. First we had to get passed all the runners in the Marathon and we almost ran over one then she screamed it was funny. Then we went to a place to eat and we played with other kids there so we play catch then volley ball after we went to the arcade. We played games. We are saving points on the card to get a big prize. Then after we went home and go to school again. 😦

Port Orleans Pool
Port Orleans Pool
Disney Marathon
Disney Marathon
Mickey Waffle
Mickey Waffle



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  1. It’s great your family likes Disney so much. You always seem to have a great time there. It seems like your new year is off to a great start. Keep up the great writing! I really enjoy it.

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