Happy New Year!

So on New Year’s Eve we went to my cousins house.  We had lots of good Chinese food and pizza and played games.

Chinese food!
Starting 2014 with Chinese food!

Once it got dark, we did sparklers. We tried to write our names with the sparklers and tried to take some pictures.  I even photo-bombed a photo. Then we watched tv for the New Year countdown. Then I fell asleep at my cousins house.20140116-083133.jpg

Once I went home New Year’s Day I stopped home then we got dressed for a Michigan State party for a Rose Bowl football party. We watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had boneless BBQ wings for diner.  It was a long game and I didn’t think we were going to win at one point.  But we did win and we took pictures and celebrated. The reason I cheer for Michigan State is because my mom and dad went there for college. So I started to like them. Now I want to go Michigan state.20140116-083206.jpg

Then we went home and fell asleep. Thursday and Friday we chilled at my house and played video games. Friday night I was invited to a sleep over with friends from school. We played video games, talked, and watched tv. Saturday I went home and then I fell asleep because I got zero sleep at the sleepover.  After I just stayed in my bed. Sunday I just stayed at home and got ready for school.



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