Thanksgiving Break

I had a Thanksgiving break this past week – no school for 9 days!

On Saturday I had a football game. I kinda felt bad it was 42 us and the other team had 6 they missed the extra point.  We also let them get the touchdown because they weren’t very good.  At the same time my brother had a basketball game and they don’t keep score.  After my friend came over to have a sleep over we played video games and made paper guns.

Sunday I went to his house to play. We played video games the whole time. Then I slept over again at his house. Then we went to Hard Knocks, which is a laser tag place.

Hard Knocks
With Jaden at Hard Knocks

Tuesday, me and brother stayed home and just hang around. Same with Wednesday.  And we took our Christmas card picture – it’s pretty cool.  But on Wednesday for dinner we went a polish restaurant and I ate pierogies with my grandma and grandpa.

Thursday we set up Christmas ornaments. Then went to our grandma and grandpa’s house. But for some reason we did Jewish stuff. Like play dreidel and ate Jewish food like brisket and potato pancakes. Then we brought Wrigley back to Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Joe. He was happy to see them.  But we miss Wrigley.

A very Jewish Thanksgiving
A very Jewish Thanksgiving

Friday I went to my Nana and Papa’s house to stay with them. After we went UCF and went tailgating I had lots of fun.  We went with my friend name Matt. I had lots of candy and soda. We played out side and inside. We also saw the marching band. Then we went to my Matt’s house and watched the game.

Saturday my cousins slept over. We played video games and outside. When we woke up we played more video games. Then we went to a place to eat. Then my cousins left. Then we went home and got ready for school.

My favorite Christmas traditions are setting up Christmas decorations, building a gingerbread house and going to Candlelight processional at Epcot. Candlelight is a concert at Disney about Christmas and lots of songs about Jesus. My least favorite thing about the holidays is putting all of the decorations down.

Gingerbread house
Gingerbread house

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  1. We share a least favorite thing. I, too, really don’t like taking down. Christmas decorations.
    I think it was really nice of you and your family to take care of Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Joe’s dog for them. That was a mitzvah.

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