Halloween – October 2013

On Thursday I was slender man for Halloween.

Brendan as Slender Man.
Me as Slender Man.

We went to friends house.  He had lots of friends over.  We played catch and ate pizza.  Then we went tick or treating we went me, my friend, and some others friends. Someone was Patrick from Spongebob.  Another person was a baseball player.  We went off and we got lots of candy.  Afterwards, we traded the candy.  My favorite candy is Nestle Crunch.  So I got like ten.  I actually ate 0 candy that entire night!  After we went to my grandparents to say hi, which is what we do every year.

Spartan Pumpkin
We carved a Michigan State pumpkin.

Friday I had football practice. I have been on this team before. I am a wider receiver. Whenever I catch ball, I seem to fall and roll with the ball.  I don’t know why.   We don’t even have a team name yet this season.

For Halloween we carved a pumpkin I picked the pumpkin and the design and my Dad carved it. He made a Spartan head for Michigan State. I really liked it. We put it up by the house when people come over to get candy from the bowl.

Picking out a pumpkin.
Picking out a pumpkin.

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