A fun weekend with running and bacon

On Wednesday we had auditions for the school holiday play. I tried out for a toy soldier. On Friday we got the results to go to the final auditions. I looked on the sheet and I made it. The final auditions are on Monday.

Then later that day we went to get a dog to dog sit. His name is Wrigley. He is so cute. The real parents are Mrs. Amanda and Mr.Joe. We brought him to are Nana and Papa’s house. He had fun with the other dogs there. We went to the park and we played catch.

The next day I went on a race at Disney. I did the mile run. I stopped a couple times because I had a cramp in my stomach. 20131006-185023.jpgI got a medal. It has Pluto on it. I liked the track because you ran on a baseball field. I also liked they played music while we run. I would do it again. And I think there should be more characters while run cheering us on. 20131006-185033.jpg Then went to Bacon festival. We ate bacon and played and then ate more bacon. I liked the regular bacon the best – just plain bacon they gave us.20131006-185045.jpg

After that day we went home and we did stuff around the house then I went to a friends house.



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