My best friend’s birthday

My friends real birthday is on Monday.  We had a birthday party this weekend and played video games like Call of Duty. Then we went on a trampoline. We played a game and we have to trip the person to win. It’s more fun than it sounds. We played that for a while.

Then we played a game we called infected.   It’s like when you get shot you are infected and you have to get other people. Then we made a cake with one side Minecraft and the other side was Call of Duty themed.  I liked that and it turned out good. After we played minecraft on the Xbox and then went to sleep. This morning we  played infected again. Then we ate donuts. After we went on the trampoline again. Then we went in side and played minecraft on our iPads. We found bunch of stuff and played for an hour. Then we ate lunch. then we played on trampoline one more time then we left.

When we where there my mom and dad where near Asheville, North Carolina for a wedding.


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