School and more

At school in the morning I have been doing A/V club. That’s when we work on the morning announcements.  That’s the news in the morning for my school.  We have to do the sound,  the anchor,  and to save and capture the video.  And I like it so far.

Also in school now I’m in chorus and I am practicing a play that we are going to do in front of the whole school.  It sounds fun.  And I am doing it for the first time. The play is about kids went on a field trip for school and they are going to the North Pole. I’m going to try out to be a toy soldier. It sounds really fun.

I am also thinking of signing up for football because it is my favorite sport.  But only flag football because my mom won’t let me play tackle.

I am also exciting to see new tv shows like,  Agents of Shield on ABC. I also like to watch The Neighbors.  I am also wanting to see Big Bang Theory too.



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  1. Will there be a viewing of the play after-school? If so, please keep your fans posted! I am also looking forward to AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Who knew that Agent Colson was still alive?! That makes me pretty happy because I really liked his character.

  2. I think The Neighbors looks like it’s going to be pretty funny. The Big Bang Theory is ALWAYS funny. Good luck with your play!

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