New school year = new shoes!

This week I did lots of things like running cub, shoes, and school.

First I did a running club meet and a meet is you race and get ribbons. I did a 200m and a 400m. A 200m is a half of a lap. And a 400m is one lap. I beat my cousin Colin, and he has been running for a while.

I also got new shoes at Track Shack that’s the company that organizes my running. They help my feet not hurt after running. They made run around the store to see what shoe I needed. They help by they have hard things on the bottom to help my feet. They are also green, white , and black.

These are my new running shoes.
These are my new running shoes.

Also for school I have signed up for A/V club. You work on the announcements and go to school events and take pictures. It sounds really fun and the rest is easy so far.

School is also easy so far too. Like math and also reading is simple. And I also like the kids in my class too. And this year we switch classes for science, reading, and math.



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