Kennedy Space Center

I went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  It was my first time that I remember. I got an annual pass so I can go there again. First we ate, I ate a uncrustables and Doritos. Second we went on the bus tour.

The first stop was a look out for you can see a shuttle launch. The final stop was the Saturn 5 center. In the Saturn five center there was a big rocket. Then we saw a movie and it was about the landing of the Apollo 11. Finally we went to Atlantas there was a little show about how they made the shuttle. Then there was a big shuttle and it was real. And in the building there was stuff like toilets and how they use them and there beds. Also there was a experience ride and you get a experience of taking of it was kinda boring. We missed the angry birds but next time we would go. I liked the bus tour the most and I learned a lot.

KSc-Atlantis KSC-Atlantis-Family KSC-Atlantis-Nose KSC-Brendan-Saturn KSC-Brendan-Shuttle-Commander KSC-Brendan-Toilet KSc-Patrick-Shuttle-Pilot KSC-shuttle-model


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