Summer Vacation – Visiting Michigan State!

Before I went to Michigan I saw my great grandma and cousins. We played soccer and baseball. The oldest was a boy named Liam and he had two little sisters. And there were two babies. Then next day we went to Michigan State and we looked around stores and I bought a cool hat. And […]

Fun at Cedar Point!

I went to Cedar point on Wednesday and I road lots of rides. First I had to stay at a hotel. Our hotel had a big indoor water park there.  There is little of every thing.  It was called Great Wolf Lodge. The next day we went to Cedar Point.  First we went straight to […]

Summer Vacation – Chicago and more!

I went to Chicago for a week then we are going to Ohio and then Michigan. We drove there and it took two days. We drove in Georgia then we slept in Atlanta. When we learned about hogzilla he is a pig and a hog in one and he was 10 feet long.  You should […]

Kennedy Space Center

I went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  It was my first time that I remember. I got an annual pass so I can go there again. First we ate, I ate a uncrustables and Doritos. Second we went on the bus tour. The first stop was a look out for you can see […]