Disney Animal Kingdom Camp – Day 3

First we saw an animal and it was a gopher tortoise and his name is Dot. His name was Dot because he was shot by a BB gun and it showed a dot on his shell. After that we saw a elephant and his name was Mack. We saw him get a bath and eat. When he was done we put food around his cage like marshmallows and honey and more. Then we watched him eat some marshmallows. After that we ate lunch. I ate spaghetti and I liked it.

Now after lunch we went to Exhibition Everest and Kali River Rapids. I loved  Mt.Everest. But on Kali I barley got soaked. But after the ride it rained really hard. Then we went back to camp. Then we got changed and ate snack. Then we left. Not the best day but it was fun.


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