Sports…it’s all about sports

My favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball. I like to watch and play those sports.

I did a triathlon on Saturday. I came in 5th in my age group. I was in the 9 year old group, I  ten on the 28th.  I think I did well, and finished before people who do camps for triathlons, so that’s good.

Finished the swimming and the to run!
Finished the swimming and the biking…now to run!

And you have to do swimming, biking and running. I liked the biking the most and I wasn’t the best at swimming but I’m doing swimming for a sport now at the YMCA, so I’ll get better.

Finished the kids tri!
Finished the kids tri!

I like football because its fun, I am good at it and good exercise. I’m not the best at baseball but I’m not bad. Basketball I’m pretty good at it and it’s fun to play.

I like watching football because it’s cool and it has action and excitement. I like watching baseball because it is fun and I like it in person even more. I like to watch basketball because it is very competitive and every one likes it.


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