My first NASCAR Race

I went to my first race Saturday, it was the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.

There was a lot of action. Before the race we went to the garages and looked at the cars and we went on a walk.

The Subway Avocado car.
The Subway Avocado car.

We also went on the actual racetrack and I got to write my name the starting line.

It’s cool that you get to write your name on the start/finish line at Daytona.
Signed it!
Signed it!

I was routing for Carl Edwards to win. He drives the 99 car which is either a Subway car and Fastenal, but drove the Subway car this race.

Before the race.


Carl Edwards is my favorite driver.

The race stared. It was really cool to see crashes too.  We watched the race from on top of the garages.


On the last lap there were 2 crashes on turn 4. One on the last second of the race and on the corner. But Carl didn’t win but Jimmy Johnson won. I liked it because there was action and we saw the cars come in right in front of us. It was really fun time.

We were right on top of the garages and got to see lots of cars after crashes – and the drivers too!
Daytona fireworks!

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  1. Very good Brendan. How exciting and you made it sound like so much fun. Good job.

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