Top 5 favorite You Tube videos

I love YouTube. I spent lots of time looking at funny videos.

Here are my top five picks for YouTube videos.

1.  Goat Songs

I like the goat song because there funny and makes fun of songs I don’t like. The songs they make fun of are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and stuff like that.

2.  How Animals Eat Food

I like these videos because it’s funny and they do so many great animals like sharks, flamingos, and more.  Also the other guy in the video who watches him doesn’t laugh.  That is funny.

3.  Minecraft Videos

I really like to play minecraft and watch others play.  It’s fun to learn about different modes that are funny and cool like TNT, Star Wars and more.

4.  Music Videos – Thrift Shop

I really like this song, even though this one is NOT the clean version.  The video is really funny.

5.  The Harlem Shake

We did our own version.  I think it’s cool that I’m on YouTube.


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