Deep Sea Fishing in Marco Island


I’m in Marco Island on vacation for two weeks and one day I went deep sea fishing.  I went with my dad and Papa.

Papa and Brendan.

Papa and Brendan.

We caught a lot of red grouper and snapper. We caught 19 Snapper that we could eat.  We took it all home and ate it for dinner.

Brendan catches a red grouper off the coast of Marco Island.

Brendan catches a red grouper off the coast of Marco Island.

During the last 15 minutes of our boat ride, I caught something every time I threw the line in. It is my third time ever going deep see fishing. We went 9 miles off the coast. When we first got out there, it was really wavy.

Then it got better. I think I caught the most fish.


My dad is the best because…


For Father’s Day we went to Marco island.  We went fishing and swimming.

And this week we will be going deep sea fishing. I like when we go deep sea fishing.  In the past, my dad caught a shark (lemon shark).  I always look forward to do it because its time me and my dad to have fun.

My dad cooks for me, buys me stuff, and has fun with me all the time. He is the best dad ever.  His favorite thing is hanging around with my family.  I like when we go fishing, when we go to the movies, when we go to amusement parks, hotels and restaurants.

He also likes to take me camping.  When we go camping he does a lot!  He makes food, sets up the tent. He does everything. He makes Doritos tacos. You crumble up Doritos and put ground beef in there. Then put any toppings in there.  That’s why he’s the best

My dad fishing with my brother and me.

My dad fishing with my brother and me.

Camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness


I went camping for the first days of summer at Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground. We were going to go on Thursday but we couldn’t because there was a tropical storm and it rained all day. So we went Friday instead. We went with my cousins and their friend. My cousins names are Colin and Conor, and their friends name is Brenden. Which is weird because it’s just like mine, but not.

My favorite part of camping is the golf cart. We got to drive around in a golf cart all over the campground. It was kinda of comfy sleeping in the tent at night. I slept well. There was also a forest behind the tents that we can play in. We had lots of fun there.

We also went canoeing. It took me forever to do it. I was in a canoe with my cousin Conor and his friend. We were not very good. But we didn’t fall out of the canoe.

Canoeing at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground.

Getting ready to canoe at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

Canoeing at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground.

Canoeing at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

The part I did not like that it rained on Saturday. It rained so much that we couldn’t even go outside for two hours. My cousin Conor went in the Hoopty Doo Review and got to wait out the storm there. We were inside the Wilderness Lodge hotel, which was fun.

We had to ride our bikes back from the Lodge to the campground – so it was a fast bike ride in he rain. When we went on the bike ride we saw 4 deer. They were so close to us as we were riding. It was fun to ride in the rain.

Disney bike trail

We found a cool bike trail that no one knows about with a great view!

It rained on Saturday so we went to went to my Nana and Papa’s house and stayed the night because everything in our tent was wet and the rain wasn’t stopping.

Good way to start the summer.

Top 5 favorite You Tube videos


I love YouTube. I spent lots of time looking at funny videos.

Here are my top five picks for YouTube videos.

1.  Goat Songs

I like the goat song because there funny and makes fun of songs I don’t like. The songs they make fun of are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and stuff like that.

2.  How Animals Eat Food

I like these videos because it’s funny and they do so many great animals like sharks, flamingos, and more.  Also the other guy in the video who watches him doesn’t laugh.  That is funny.

3.  Minecraft Videos

I really like to play minecraft and watch others play.  It’s fun to learn about different modes that are funny and cool like TNT, Star Wars and more.

4.  Music Videos – Thrift Shop

I really like this song, even though this one is NOT the clean version.  The video is really funny.

5.  The Harlem Shake

We did our own version.  I think it’s cool that I’m on YouTube.