Movies – I love movies!

I love movies!

My favorite movies are Avengers, James Bond movies like Skyfall and Star Wars.  And the ones I don’t like are princess movies, Momma Mia and Justin Bieber. Movies I want to watch are Iron Man 3 , 42, Lone Ranger and Man of Steel.

I like Avengers because it has lots of action.I like Hulk, Captain America and Hawkeye.  I like the part when the big battle happens.

Skyfall also has lots of action.  I like the part when they turn the house in the a war house.

I like Star Wars because it has action and violence. I like Luke because he changed a lot in the movies and he is a action guy.

I didn’t watch the Justin Bieber movie but I know I will hate it.  Justin Bieber also sings like a girl.  Momma Mia is annoying and princesses are sometimes girly because there is no action, too much kissing and no adventure.

Skyfall is one of my favorite movies.

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  1. I think Skyfall had the perfect amount if kissing… just enough to keep girls interested but not too much to gross out the boys.

    I’m not a big action movie fan

    I must confess that I liked Mamma Mia because I liked all the songs.

    Justin Beaber is a dorkapotomus.

  2. p.s. I spelled Bieber’s name wrong on purpose just in case he reads your blog. I think it will really tick him off, don’t you? Most dorkapotomus don’t have a very good sense of humor.

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